16 Types of Newspapers and their Characteristics

16 Types of Newspapers and their Characteristics

The types of newspapers that exist are classified according to format, size, subject matter and periodicity.

A newspaper is a publication that has a certain frequency and contains information that is relevant to a specific group of people. This characteristic makes it a means of communication of great importance.

Different types of Newspapers

As per publication format

Printed: This is a traditional newspaper. It was born after the invention of the printing press and was developed with the development of technology associated with paper, photography, graphic design and commerce.

These types of newspapers are also divided according to the dimensions of the paper used for its preparation:

  1. A) Tabloid: Although it is currently associated with a newspaper in which sensational information is divided, the tabloid is a newspaper that usually measures 28 x 35 cm, ie it is a smaller format.

Generally, it privileges photographs and illustrations before the text. This feature and its small size make it more practical to read. It is also usually cheaper.

In the United Kingdom this format was also divided into red tabloids and compact tabloids. This subsection follows more of the type of content that was included in the newspaper.

A red tabloid, highlighted sensational stories of crime, astrology and pillars of sensation in a simple and direct language; Whereas compact tabloids use editorial style similar to large format newspapers.

  1. b) Standard: or sheet, is the largest format. It measures approximately 38 x 58 cm. This is more common for traditional newspapers.

Digital: These are displayed in digital format on electronic devices for personal use. They are usually free, although membership is charged. Generally, this charge has to be done more deeply in the information that it contains.

At first, they were a simple transcription of the printed version of the newspaper, but the development of communication and information technology (ICT) encouraged them to develop new content formats that today include audio, video, infographics and other resources. Do incorporate interactivity and feedback from your readers.

Wall: Created with collages and cuttings of informative and specialized magazines, is a type of newspaper oriented to the population in the age of scholars. It is usually put in the educational center as a punctual project to learn about a specific topic, but you can also see cases in which they become a means of communication within the center.

According to its Frequency

Daily: These types of newspapers broadcast the most recent and important news, as the name suggests, every day. News content covers almost all the locations of these publications.

Weekly: Delivered once a week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, and usually consists of expanded and supplemented news stories with or without a detailed description. Along with investigative journalism, they also give more space to the articles of views of well-known personalities of their field.

Biweekly, monthly or semi-annually newspaper: Institutional or commercial publications are distributed with this periodicity. The type of content included in this type of newsletter is usually limited to the interest of a very small audience and usually refers to the achievements and projects of the organization.

According to Delivery Time

Morning: They are usually of daily circulation and are distributed before dawn so that their readers can “consume” them in the early hours of the morning. They are famous news.

Evening: Delivered in the afternoon hours and may contain information that occurred in the morning hours. In many cases it complies with the information published in the morning newspaper.

According to its Content

General Information Newspapers: In the order of priority imposed by the editorial line of the owners of the newspapers and distributed in sections contain information on their pages on various topics.

Specialized Newspapers: are circulated for very specific content that is of interest to a particular group of people, for example sports newspapers or people on economic affairs.

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