3 Major Types of Industrial Heaters and Their Applications

The requirement for installing high-quality industrial heaters equipped with the best water heating element might change according to the size and scale of the industrial units. In case you are operating a small unit, then your requirements would be different than those who are operating the bigger ones. However, at various times, the requirement also depends upon the scale of the heat to be provided to a particular area and the products that are being processed and manufactured therein.

Some units require only a particular working area to be heated while others need the entire working area to be heated. So, you need to choose the heater and its elements exactly according to your needs. Top heaters and heating elements suppliers in India are offering heating solutions in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Types of Industrial Heaters

  • Corrugation Heater

These heaters are manufactured intending to serve the heating purpose of paper rolls. So that the desired flute can be created on the paper. The principal function of a corrugation heater is to form the flute and this is the purpose they are designed for by the heating elements suppliers. In some of these models, the heating material can also be altered as per the specific requirement.

  • Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are comprehensively used in industries that include textiles, chemicals, air conditioning, and pharmaceuticals. The primary job of these heaters is to heat the corrosive or non-corrosive liquid. These heaters are available in the range of 1KW to 4.5 KW.

  • Space Heaters

The primary job of space heaters is to provide sufficient heat to a particular working area in an industrial setup. To serve the same purpose, they use a bunch of heating materials strategically grouped together. Once the required amount of heat is generated, it can be easily used across spaces as radiation, conduction, and convection as per the method employed and operating temperature.

Concluding Remarks

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