4 Weekend Getaway Ideas for this Summer

The bustling streets with the rising temperature of Delhi can melt you down in summer. The shooting heat of the season can storm out your brain and lead to exhaustion. Thus, to boost the spirits during this summer, it would be awesome to plan some relaxing getaways from home and work. Who does not enjoy stealing a few hours of comfort from the hustle-bustle of the city and taking some respite? If you are thinking of getting away with your family or friends or even alone for a while to relax then here, you will get some awesome ideas for de-stressing getaways over the weekend. Find out a luxury holiday cottage that could be your getaway with your partner for the weekend!

Spa and Body Treatment

To unwind your sore muscles from the weekdays’ stress, spa or body treatment is an amazing option. There are several renowned spas available in the vicinity where you can book a session for yourself or a couple. The therapists utilize cooling packs to soothe the sunburnt skin and remove the tan as well as release the packed up heat from your body. Try full body and head massage, foot reflexology, acupressure, wax treatment, and body scrubs that help in detoxification. Thus, you will walk out of the spa with replenished energy levels that will make you ready for work for the rest of the week.

Ice-skating and Sledding

Don’t you think finding some time to spend in the snow is an awesome idea and that too in Delhi? But opening up snow-activities spots in Delhi has helped folks to experience snowy ambiance without leaving the boundaries of the city. Ice skating, sledding, ice sliding, and skiboarding are some of the common activities available in these places. There are also other enjoyable attractions, such as snow dance, snow fights, and igloos where you can have fun with your friends and family. After such a fun-packed day at an ice-skating club, you will be summer-ready to make your week ahead at ease.

Waterparks or Pool Parties

Another fun-packed attraction during the summers is a getaway to waterparks. But going along with a team of pals would be needed, so you can enjoy your time there as waterparks are not the right places to visit alone. A pool party with family could also be fun to cool down the heat splashes. Also, quality time spent around or within water bodies is capable of raising your energy levels. Thus, spending time at a pool-gathering is amazing to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself.

Comfy Stay at a Resort or Farmhouse

A perfect plan for a family get-together is a luxurious stay at a resort or a farmhouse. The resorts are open with multiple options of rooms, such as a chalet, cottage, or tree house along with barbeques that help you enjoy your day-out splendidly. Many resorts also offer the facilities of spas and pools that enhance your lavish experience. Also, you can spend time away in nature-care by booking yourself a room in a farmhouse. There is no better refuge than a clasp of lush, green plants to help you unwind. Many farmhouse facilities offer luxury cottage accommodation in Delhi.

IRA Luxe

Away from the crowd and bustle of the main city, IRA Luxe is a farmhouse that offers exclusive comfort and relaxation to its customers with an exquisite array of cottages, chalets, and treehouses. It is situated near the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary in Asola Bhatti Mines, South Delhi. The hug of nature, site of natural rocks, and sounds of chirping birds along with the site of the chilly pool give an enchanting experience to the guests. The farmhouse is inspired by Moroccan architecture that renders it an unbeatable grace. Enhance your experience in the clasp of nature that is evident in every corner. Also, the facility is equipped with outdoor theatre around their rooms where you can enjoy having light-hearted conversations with your loved ones or just enjoy the sound of the birds in the serenity of the area.

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