5 content jotting tools that everyone should know in 2022

As the world recovers and enters into a post-pandemic state, there’s no denying that everything has shifted to the digital realm. When it comes to digital marketing, content jotting has come essential for numerous businesses looking to gauge up. We are seeing a swell in requests to help brands bring their content up to date and have them catch up to the rest of the assiduity.

The epidemic forced businesses to shift online, and they had to use online platforms to reach and engage new cult.Utmost businesses resorted to hiring content marketing agencies (like us) to save them the hassle and guarantee the quality, but that is not always possible for everyone.

Now, content has come a precious asset for businesses. Away from reaching new guests, content has the power to ameliorate client retention.

The power of content jotting

We concentrate on Southeast Asia, which is where we are seeing a lot of demand. Incompletely because it’s passing each over the world, but also because the region was far behind the rest of the advanced world when it came to digitalisation. According to a 2020 report from Google, Temasek Effects, and Bain & Company, there were 40 million people in six countries across Southeast Asia — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand — who went online for the first time in 2020. That brought the total number of internet druggies in Southeast Asia to 400 million people.

Multitudinous exploration findings and checks have proved beyond a shadow of a mistrustfulness that the shift to online is going to be endless and indeed more competitive.

Still, the issue is that producing good content that people want to read isn’teasy.However, also you are formerly on the backfoot, If you don’t have the budget to hire experts or internal brigades. Well, luckily for you, the internet provides an magazine of jotting tools that businesses can work in order to help them with their content needs.

From checking the alphabet to generating crucial ideas for content marketing strategies, then are 5 tools that we believe businesses should be using.


Plagiarism is a problem that pestilences the content assiduity and indeed accidental plagiarism can have negative goods. Your credibility is in question, and people may question whether your business is licit or not.
We suggest using Copyscape to descry plagiarism and it’s enough easy to use. The digital tool allows you to upload or bury your dupe for free, to dissect if it’s unique enough to stand out. This is extremely useful if you are using freelance pens to save some time-it takes a many twinkles and guarantees they aren’t just copying content from away and passing it off as their own.


At first regard, grammatical miscalculations and spelling crimes look inoffensive on the website’s dupe. Still, exploration suggests miscalculations can affect the credibility of a business. There are trust and quality enterprises should your content be riddled with miscalculations. I’ve to admit that we are massive suckers of Grammarly and have written about this tech tool multitudinous times.

Using Grammarly to descry alphabet crimes and conduct spell checks is an easy, free (or affordable depending on what you need) and quick way to drastically reduce the number of crimes that you make. The free interpretation checks plagiarism, suggests writing styles and reviews readability. Grammarly does offer decoration (for individualities) and business (for brigades) plans. Both are upgrades and can ameliorate the clarity, engagement, and delivery of the content.


Keyword exploration is frequently overlooked in content marketing because utmost people do not know what itis.However, it’s the process of probing popular terms that people type in hunt machines like Google, If we were to epitomize it. You need to know this because, by understanding what people are searching for, you can actually produce content that’s applicable to them and makes them want to visit your website.

A great illustration of how we used this lately, was fastening our sweats on reaching out to Southeast Asian cult who love fashion. Through introductory keyword exploration, we linked what our specific target followership was searching for and developed applicable content around Southeast Asian fashion that was helpful to compendiums, as well as applicable to our client.
UberSuggest has a free interpretation. It also offers three decoration plans for deeperanalysis.However, we also suggest using an volition to UberSuggest, which is Google Keyword Planner, If this is not to your fancy.

Hemingway Editor

Following up on using keywords, we should make it veritably clear that you should not be stuck on trying to produce content just to stuff keywords in it. A big part of ranking high in hunt machine rosters is grounded on the readability or quality of your content. So, what we have seen is that good content that’s supposed to be helpful and useful to compendiums is awarded by hunt machines. This is where tools like Hemingway Editor can help you by perfecting your jotting.

It works by assaying your content and checking for issues that include unresistant voice, weak words, and long rulings. It’s an easy way to make sure your jotting is clear and terse, which really does have an impact on your ranking. It’s free to use and we find it extremely precious in our work.


So did you know that the average anthology’s attention span is 7 seconds. So that is why we use Readable to dissect the readability of your content. It gives you a score grounded on if you’ve seized the compendiums’ attention. This helps you to make sure your jotting is applicable and engaging to your followership.

We find it helps us reduce the use of avoidable slang, while we can also profit from its keyword tracking point. Just so you know, Readable gave this section a solid B, which means there needs to be some enhancement, but it’s easy to understand. This is a paid tool that we use, but we suppose it’s worth the investment.
There, we hope you enjoyed our list of 5 content jotting tools that you should know. However, drop us a communication in the commentary, If we missed anything out or you feel like you just want to say hi. For more information visit wire media!

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