5 Reasons Why Study Permit Applications in Canada Are Rejected

Have you been denied entry to Canada? If you answered yes, you already know how annoying it may be to refuse Canadian immigration in 2020. Since it might jeopardise positive approach, employment plans, or even a new housing situation. Don’t panic; there are a few measures you may take following a visa denial that may allow you to acquire a Canadian visa. Reapplying after a Canadian visa denial or cancellation. This is an option, based on the grounds because the request was denied throughout the first place. The IRCC does not provide detailed information on why your request was denied.  The letter they issue only explains why it was denied. Based on the specific requirements of each visa type, there are a variety of reasons why an application for a visa may be denied.

What are the Reasons for Study Permit Refusals and Where Can We Find Them?

There is no denying the fact that students interested in studying in Canada have high expectations. This is especially after meeting the intellectual and other admission requirements of the Canadian educational institution. This is high because the detailed guide on the government website does not list all of the causes for denunciation. The program delivery instructions have a plethora of information mentioned in their guidelines. This is highly used by immigration officials while processing study permit applications. These instructions are not included in the official handbook and are not even linked to the government’s study permit section. If you require deep information about this particular topic then you can link with the Best Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar.

 Check out some of the possible reason for Study permit application refusal in Canada:

  • Family ties to the homeland are weak

We highly advise that the candidate should always consider this point before moving forward. The visa officer often questions the application about their return to their home country. If he or she has sufficient links to the home country. The presence of a family in the home nation is usually sufficient to establish familial connections. Financial transactions and other decisions might cast doubt on links. So, the candidates should present every proof to the native country at all costs. For knowing the reason behind the study permit rejection, the candidates should connect with the Canada Visa Consultants in Jalandhar.

  • Failure to leave the current nation after completing your education

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a student visa is simply a temporary one with a set expiration date. As a result, a visa officer must have faith in your ability. He should know that you will return to your home country before the conclusion of your allowed stay. Previous travel history, familial relationships between Canada and your home country might mislead the visa officer. This all leads a visa officer to believe you are planning to overstay your visa and deny your application. Your immigration status in your place of residence or past history in Canada are all possible reasons for the denial.

  • Academic Achievement

Officers looking to grant visas check for continuity in past academic success. However, while high grades are important in obtaining a visa, the process does not end there. Always remember that your IELTS or TOEFL score will surely be questioned when filing the study permit application. A visa officer may doubt your capability to respond with English-taught courses if you have an inconsistent grade and a lower value. While acquiring a Canadian visa isn’t as simple as it may appear, following these recommendations will help you get through the process quickly. So, don’t just wander here instead link with the Best Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar.

  • Depletion in funds

Only during the first year of the programme, the candidate must submit confirmation of appropriate resources, according to the Program Delivery Instructions. However, immigration officers frequently deny petitions because they perceive financial inadequacy. As a result, concentrating just on the first year may not be sufficient. Even though it is not explicitly stated as a need for approval, you can reduce your chances of rejection by demonstrating enough financial resources for more than a year. Make your profile strong with the help of the reliable Canada Visa Consultants in Punjab.

  • Leaving out an LOA (Letter of Acceptance)

Before applying for a study permit a letter of acceptance from a Canadian host school is highly required to start the process. The visa officer has full authority to reject your application if it does not prove the authenticity of your LOA, or if you fail to meet the program’s objectives. Before submitting the letter to the authority, they should consider all factors. It’s impossible to deny that your negligence has resulted in rejection. So, in the end, students should follow every step to get everything done in a proper manner.

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