5 Tips To Click Quick Bonding With Your New Dog

Guide For New Dog Parents On Creating Strong Bond

Are you feeling excited about getting a new dog? Along with excitement and joy comes the stress of creating a bond. Most new pet parents want to give a perfect start to it. And want to click the bonding in no time. But sometimes it takes time to break the ice. For some new dog parents, it can be overwhelming. And as a great dog lover, we are glad to share these best tips for bonding with your new four-legged friend. 

Bonding with your dog at the earliest is the first thing to do as it is going to render a healthy relationship between you and your pet. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, these tips will help you. When you have a puppy, it is easier to build a close relationship. But when there is an older dog, it may take a little longer. Follow these simple tips and rest assured about having a perfect bond with your new dog. 

Best Dog Bonding Tips For New Dog Parents

Don’t feel frustrated if your new dog is not very responsive and friendly. Here are the best ways to build a strong bond with him.

Give A Slow Start & Be Patient

When it comes to clicking friendship with a new dog, patience is important. Take the first few hours and days very easy. But spend time with your new friend as with some light walks. Be around him for plenty of time. Try to reduce stress for the new dog and try building trust. The thing is that some dogs grow comfortable overnight. But some may take a few weeks’ time. Before we move on to other tips, patience is important. 

Set A Schedule For Everything

We suggest sticking to a schedule from day one. Because dogs generally love routine. And it will help your new dogs to adjust your home fast. Schedules and routines provide comfort to them. Set schedules for feeding, walks,  resting, going to bed, and playing. It is good to spend a lot of time around your friend. But do also spare some time for your normal activities. After all, you would not be around your dog all the time.

Get The Dog Bed In Your Room

If it is convenient for you, let your new friend sleep in your room. Especially if the dog is not feeling very confident, it would be good for him. You can set up his bed or crate in your bedroom. If you are using a dog blanket for bed, let him sleep at the foot of your bed.  

Try Games & Relaxing Together

Get into some plays and games like fetch balls with the dog. You will come across numerous toy options at your best pet shop. Entertain your dog with a simple chase and fetch game. As you engage in playing with the pets, it is simple to grow a healthy bond. Also, try to spend some chill moments together. Invite your dog to the couch to sit with you. Keep cuddling and patting him to make him feel good. Some dogs love to get pampered with a human touch. During all this time, try to observe what he likes and what he hates. 

Try Treats

For a more adamant dog, try winning them with pets treats. When your dog is not familiar with you, don’t hesitate to try treats. Once you win their affection with treats and games, it will serve the purpose. Some pet experts suggest feeding them with their hands. Dogs love treats and it is easier to connect with your dog with treats. Pet supplies stores today are offering a high variety of nutritious treats. 

These dog bonding tips will get you going with your new dog. Further to this great beginning, you will share a great bonding with your dog.  

Factors That Influence Dog Bonding

It is not always simple to strike a bond with your dog. Especially when there are many factors influencing dog behavior. There are several factors that impact the pet and pet parent relationship. Sometimes, you need to train your dog for better bonding. You may also need to consult a pet expert for this. Here are some crucial factors impacting the bond-building process:

Dog’s Age 

It is easier to click bond with a puppy. If you own a puppy, it is easier to train him as per your lifestyle. But older dogs have already defined their habits and choices. Hence it may take time with adult dogs.  

Former Training

Former training of adult dogs influences the dog man bonding process. Wrong training methods may have an impact on a dog’s behavior toward new people. 

Dog’s Breed

Some breeds are more friendly while others catch up with us very soon. Breeds like Golden Retriever, Bichon Frise, and Golden Retriever are great for first-time owners.

Time Spent Together

If you are not spending sufficient time with your pet, there are fewer chances for a strong bond. Also, try to socialize your pet with other pets and neighbors. Your care and time will definitely result in trust and a great bond between you and your pet. Sometimes groom your pet with your own hands. 

If you think your new dog is really taking a long to bond, you can consult your vet. Because sometimes your dog’s personal history is working. Rescued dogs with traumatic experiences find it difficult to bond with their new owners. This generally happens with dogs adopted from shelters. Or if the dog was living in unhealthy conditions before rescue. 

Once your dog becomes fond of you, maintain your bonding. Provide them with adequate mental and physical stimulation. You can do this by playing with them or getting them interesting toys. Also, be particular about their exercise or walk time. Also, if you are a newbie at owning pets, learn the basic gestures. Dog’s general behavior and gestures will help you to understand them in a better way. 

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