6 Features of a Recruitment Software that You Must Consider

Do you own a recruitment agency and not have recruitment software?

Wait there! You are missing out on literally a lot.

Almost all recruitment agencies these days employ different recruitment software. This is the time when the agencies and businesses have finally realized and understood the significance of different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in their everyday work. However, this does not imply that any recruiter can go for any recruitment software.

Before choosing the right recruitment software for your agency, you have to keep certain parameters in mind. This includes the type of recruitment agency, the budget, and other stuff. To be a successful recruiter, it is essential that you invest in the right software that goes with you a long way. But before we begin, you need to have a good and affordable internet connection.

In this regard, spectrum internet packages for businesses are quite customer-friendly!

Choosing the best recruitment software

The first and foremost point is to get a system that goes perfectly with the ideology and strategy of your business or agency. You should get a compatible system that not only boosts the efficiency of your recruitment agency but also allows it ways to remove hurdles.

The selection of the recruitment software depends on the following parameters:

  • Size of the agency
  • Type of hiring and placements
  • Temporary recruitment
  • Permanent recruitment

Hence, the selection of the right CRM software needs all these factors to be considered and taken into account.

Temporary Recruitment Agencies

A temporary recruitment agency requires recruitment software that helps these agencies to work efficiently. Since they deal with temporary recruitment, they need to have more frequent recruitments and are busy finding out new personnel. Their activities for which they need the software are as follows:

  • Shift planning
  • Management and processing of online timesheets
  • Capable of tracking attendance

Permanent Recruitments

In contrast to the temporary recruitment software, the permanent CRM requires a more intuitive and smooth process of recruiting more employees. However, you must need good internet for this. Spectrum internet prices and packages will totally be compatible with such software. The permanent recruitment CRMs have the following characteristics:

  • Adept at providing quick access to data
  • Excellent and smooth integration from different platforms
  • Instant importing capabilities

Features of a Recruitment Software

For a layperson, it is difficult to agree with the idea of having recruitment software when you can simply hire manually by conducting in-person interviews and all that. However, gone are the days when hiring was such a hectic process and needed a person all the time in your hiring department. However, different CRM software is saving you from a lot of trouble and hassle of going through difficult processes.

Some of the features that you might look for in recruitment software are as follows:

Applicant tracking system

Keeping a record of the applicant details such as their CV, interview sessions, applications, and other comments is necessary for any recruitment agency. You can’t expect to keep all details in a handwritten form. Hence, the best in this regard is to make use of recruitment software that keeps data of all the applicants. This will allow you to choose the best candidate for placement.

A cloud-based recruitment CRM system

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, remote working has become indispensable. There is no way that we make it obsolete now. As difficult as it gets to find new jobs, it has become equally difficult to hire new people. Thus, the recruitment agencies that employ cloud-based storage systems are successful – and are able to hire new employees efficiently and quickly.

The cloud-based software allows you to store as much data and information as you want – without practically having to worry about the storage space and gathering up all the data.

Market Analysis Capability

Market analysis is quite important as it helps you stay abreast of the latest industry trends and the best candidates looking for jobs in the market. Different platforms are allowing you to target candidates that seem to have potential as per your company or requirements. While recruiting, it is important to hire someone whose mindset somehow matches the vision of the client.

Candidate Engagement System

The potential candidates for jobs are not short of opportunities. Hence, it is very important to engage them in one way or the other. This will allow the recruiter to make the candidate interested in the job you are offering. For this purpose, a candidate engagement system is necessary that keeps all details of the candidates, their preferences, skills, and commitments.

SaaS-Based Recruitment Software

SaaS-based software offers a scalable and affordable solution that is suitable both for a one-man recruitment business and a big recruitment corporation. It is very user-friendly and gives licenses to make the recruitment process quick and easy. Provided that it is very scalable, it allows you to add more licenses easily or reduce them whenever you think it is the right time.

Skill and ability testing features

The recruitment software allows to narrow down an applicant with a certain skill set. Skilled candidates always have the edge over their competitors. Therefore, it is critical to go through the proper assessment of the candidate to make sure that your choice for the particular position is right.

The Verdict

The most important factor that you must bear in mind is that you go for recruitment software that, in addition to quality, offers you value for money. It’s not the software alone that you have to manage, but the software charges with the internet charges mount up when taken together.

Hence, the best shot is to find software with all the features and check out the spectrum internet prices and their packages to choose the best one – or more precisely, whatever suits us!

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