6 Mesmerizing Flowers To Add Glow To Your Wedding

So guys, have you done with the shopping. Yes, shopping now, please don’t be surprised by how I know. Commonly, it’s wedding season, so I am sure you are also planning for your or your loved ones’ wedding. When it comes to weddings, especially full-fat Indian weddings. It’s like a full celebration. Lots of rituals, blessings, lots of dresses, yummy food, dance, and music, gifts, fun, and yes, beautiful decor. Apart from food and rituals, one thing that gives the real wedding vibe that is the beautiful decor. The wedding decor traditions are not so new around us. This is something like our wedding rituals, coming from years ago. You know, the two main things which give the decor a pure wedding vibe are lights and lovely flowers. So today, we are talking about the flowers. I know, you guys are looking for some fresh ideas, and also to know about the flowers. Those flowers which you can use in your wedding decor, to make the wedding more beautiful. Today, I will tell you about the 6 different flowers which will make your wedding decor and wedding memorable. Also, I will give a quick idea of the decor. I mean, how you can make your wedding venue look more beautiful with a small change of flowers. I mean, the right flower in the right way. 


We are talking about the wedding, wedding flowers bouquet, wedding flowers. This means we are talking about love. So roses may not be on our list, that’s not possible. So you can use different colors of roses. Look if you want to follow a particular theme with the particular flower. You can go with the roses. For every ritual of your wedding, you can use one color or two, three colors of roses. Like for Haldi decor, you can use yellow rose, and other colors. The same thing you can do for their wedding function decor.


This is again, one of those flowers which are so in demand during the wedding season. People place a lot of orders for the online flower delivery. I mean, for the marigold flower delivery not only online but also offline. Because this flower is one of those without which wedding decor can’t be complete. If your wedding is going to be in this season, you can go with it. 


If you want to keep your wedding so elegant, and want to give it ornamental touch. Don’t think much, just go with the orchids. There are various colors available in orchids. You can use all the colors, every color has its special meaning. So you can use it according to that. And yes, if you are not attending the wedding. You can send orchids as wedding bouquets for the couple. They will surely love it. If you are using so many different flowers.  You can decorate your welcome board with orchids. This will enhance the beauty of your wedding decor. 


Tulips are also those flowers, which are highly found in so many colors. And every color looks so beautiful. I would suggest, you can use all the colors of tulips. Your wedding decor will look so beautiful. And yes, don’t forget to use a red tulip. It’s compulsory, why because I am suggesting. 


This is one of the cutest and most beautiful flowers ever. I am sure you all will agree with me. If you are thinking of using lots of glass vases in your wedding decor. This is my personal use of lots of beautiful Daisy flowers. There is a variety available in Daisy. It will add glamour to your wedding decor. This flower will give a nice, peaceful, and sophisticated look to your wedding decor. 


In today’s list but definitely not least, one of the most beautiful flowers, sunflower. I always say this is the happy flower. You can fit this flower in any situation. This will be given an attractive look. When you will use sunflowers in your wedding decor, the smile and happiness will already find the way to your home. Because like other flowers, this flower also gives a happy and positive vibe. 

I am sure, now you are clear in your mind about your wedding decor. Which flower you are going to choose among these six, also which type of decor you want. Because I am sure, some creative decorations ideas definitely take birth in your wedding. After all, it’s a wedding so it has to be grand and memorable. So now, don’t think much, just go for it.

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