7 Best Ways to Stop Hangover

Do you know what is worst after an amazing party? The hangover! The headache, fatigue, and anxiety make me feel everything worse. Hangovers are not permanent, you can easily get over them.

Dotshot is the traditional way to get over the modern world’s problem that is the hangover. Dotshot is an ayurvedic pill or capsule which consists of turmeric shots infused with ashwagandha. Dotshot is clinically proven by experts that it is very helpful to get off the hangover effect. More and more people are preferring this ayurvedic method for a hangover because of its immediate effect and it is completely chemical-free. Dotshot has no side effect on the health of a person. If you are looking for the best ways to stop hangover then I have listed 7 of the best hangover cures for you.

1. Have a good meal: Eat a good and nutritional breakfast, this is the best cure for a hangover. A perfect breakfast helps you to maintain a balanced sugar level in your blood, as imbalanced or say low sugar level is one of the reasons for a hangover. Low sugar levels cause headaches, nausea, etc. Alcohol removes a few important minerals from our body, a healthy meal can help to bring back the minerals in our body. Have a meal rich in carbohydrates, protein, and minerals, trust me after the meal you will feel much better.

2. One more drink the next morning: This method is called “hair of the dog”. It may sound weird to drink alcohol during a hangover. But this method works, many people drink one or two pairs of shorts to reduce the effect of hangover. Drinking alcohol during the hangover reverses the chemical reaction of alcohol and methanol which helps in reducing the hangover effect. But some people face a worse hangover day after because of drinking more alcohol, this completely depends on your capacity. If you don’t feel good then I recommend not to drink more alcohol.

3. Stay hydrated: Alcohol causes a reduction of fluids in our body which can lead to dehydration and hangover. Alcohol increases the production of urine in our body which implies the loss of fluid. Also due to excessive drinking usually people vomit and hence fluid is lost again from our body. All these activities cause dehydration and are a reason behind a hangover. So, staying hydrated can help in minimizing the hangover effects. You can even take an electrolyte solution with water to feel more energetic. If you don’t like electrolytes then coconut water is the best alternative for it.

4. Medication: The common symptoms of a hangover are headache and body pain. These symptoms can be easily cured with the help of medicines. But I will recommend not to take any medicine without consulting with an expert like a doctor or pharmacist or another knowledgeable person. Alcohol is a drug, so is medicine. Some medicine reacts with alcohol and as result, you may get a stomach ache or even vomiting. Also, don’t overdo the medicine otherwise your health can get worst. Medicines like Aspirin are good to reduce the effects of a hangover.

5. Exercise can help you: Exercise during a hangover sounds so weird, right? But a light exercise can help you with the hangover effect. If exercise is not in your routine then don’t go for heavy exercise. You will feel more exhausted and dehydrated after heavy exercise. First keep yourself hydrated with water, fruit juice, or coconut water, and do light exercise. A walk, jogging, Zumba, or yoga (any one or two of them) will be enough to reduce the hangover effect.

6. Take a good nap: Drinking alcohol affects the usual quality of sleep. Lack of sleep causes headaches and pain in various other parts of the body. So sleep can be the reason behind a hangover, so it is better to take a day off and give your body a good nap. Take a bath with lukewarm water, have a good meal, keep yourself hydrated, cancel all your plans for the day, and go to sleep. 90% of the hangover effect will be gone when you wake up. If you do not feel like going to bed then at least give rest to your body and mind. You can just lay down on your bed and listen to calm music and you will surely feel better.

7. Some special fluid: Tea or Coffee can be very helpful during a hangover. Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the hangover leaving a relaxed body. In tea, you can have black tea. It will give relief to your headache and fatigue. Also, most people take lime juice to get over a hangover. After one or two cups of lime juice, you will feel energetic and far away from the hangover effects.

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