7 Fascinating Ways to Give your Old Living Room a New Look

  1. Yes, as the saying goes, change has to be the only constant. Our environment is changing. Our lives are changing. 

We are changing every minute with new experiences, newly gained knowledge to survive simply. Why not give our living space a minor change to keep par with our dynamic surroundings and upgrade perspective?

With our aging process, our taste ages as well. So, why not set up a new look for your old living room and rejuvenate the ambiance around you.

Ways to revamp your old living room in the budget

There are a thousand ways to give your old living room a new look if you are willing to give that little effort. Here are some fascinating ways for this purpose and that too within your budget limit:

  • Rearrange your furniture

The first thing that will make a huge difference is changing the positioning of items around your living space. Try moving the sofa set to a different corner or rearrange it from a different angle. Changing the perspective of the room gives a whole new definition to it. You can add a corner shelf, change the room’s focal point, or eliminate excess furniture. 

Try changing the TV corner to some other point of the space and see what difference it makes. The window can create a reading nook or your little workstation with some existing sleek furniture you may think to throw them out. And what more, rearranging furniture is the most cost-effective way to give your living room a whole new look and feel.

  • Alter the wall décor

Walls are again another vital aspect of interior décor. Change the styling of the walls, and voila, you have a refreshed living space. You can change the wall colors or use textured wallpapers. Wall stickers are also contemporary trending décor that redefines the outlook in a minimalistic way. Or else, change the wall hangings. You can choose an excellent traditional Madhubani painting to add that touch of class and heritage culture. 

Change the wall clock. Add small shelves to make space for your books or other showpieces. If you dedicate a wall to display what is precious to you, that will be even better. It can be the kinds of stuff that talk about your achievements or pictures of your family moments. But remember not to overdo it because neatly embellished walls are far more approachable than the cluttered ones.

  • Upgrade your existing decorative items

Why bore a hole in your pocket and buy new decorative items when you can create magic with the existing ones? You can always borrow this item or the other from other rooms or other corners of your house. For example, exchange the corner table lamp with your bedroom’s bedside table lamp and see the difference. Go for traditional art and handicraft for decorative items. Plant a local pottery item or a terracotta statue here and there in the room and indulge in the divergence. Local handicrafts are cheap and are readily available, and can be a good choice for interior décor.

  • Go green

It is the best economic and eco-friendly option among all. Placing indoor plants with cute flower pots changes the whole game. You can opt for the anti-pollutant indoor plants that are shade-loving, like the aloe Vera, spider plants, snake plants, or the bamboo palm. Small bamboo palms are quite an in fashion nowadays. They are considered lucky for the household and are very easy to maintain. These plants usually do not require much attention and even survive on less watering. What more? They cleanse up the indoor air bringing in positive vibes to the house, and are inexpensive.

  • Alter the lighting system

Lights play a vital part in any interior décor to uplift the mood. You cannot change the ventilation system of your house to bring in more natural light. But what you can do is place a mirror at an angle to the window, reflecting the sunlight into the room, making it brighter. For the night mode, try changing the lighting system around the room. You can add small LED lights here and there for that extra illumination or install a lovely sleek standing lamp in that corner that receives poor lighting from the primary source. There are other ways to improve the lighting around the living room. Some of them are the following:

  • Switching to LED lights
  • Upgrading to smart lights
  • Adding colored light bulbs for that extra oomph factor
  • Installing dimmer switches.
  • Using motion sensors or light sensors, and so on.
  • Try changing the fabrics around the space

Whether it is the upholstery, curtains, or a table cover, you can give a whole new look to space by changing the fabrics around. Curtains draw quite a lot of attention in a living room. You can either accessorize or simply change the curtains. Accessorizing is a cheaper option. You can go for the new look by adding a cord pull, curtain finial, eyelet rings, curtain hooks, or tassels. Try changing the upholstery like that of the sofa, dining chairs, or throw in cushion covers into something that contrasts with the curtains and uplifts the space’s mood. Another great option is changing the carpets or rugs around the room. If you are still lagging with your floor décor, why don’t you try adding one?

  • Alter the flooring

Altering the flooring is again a game-changer. Floors are the first impression creators. You don’t need to spend a fortune changing the flooring entirely. 

Just change the rugs and see the difference. Create a colorful patterned rug mosaic-like thing. Or, make a cozy sitting corner with extra fluffy large floor cushions and furry rugs. 

You can also go for floor mats to give a whole new look and bid farewell to the dull floor. Just choose the right shade and texture so that the lights are reflected well and go well with your home wall decor.


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