8 Amazing tips to prepare for the UPSC exam

People who inspire to enter the civil services in India have to go through the UPSC exam. It is one of the toughest exams to crack, with lakhs of candidates appearing for it every year. 

The syllabus covers a wide range of subjects that require a clear-cut learning strategy to cover all. Many aspirants who are willing to clear the exam are looking for the best PCS coaching in Faridabad. 

The Best UPSC Institute in Faridabad can help them take the proper steps to ace the exam. With the right guidance, candidates can increase their chances of clearing the UPSC Civil Service Exam.

If you, as an aspirant, don’t want to enroll in a PCS Institute in Faridabad and want to self-prepare, here are 8 amazing tips that can support your preparation.

Tips That Will Help You Prepare Better For The UPSC Preparation

Take The Stress Out Of Your Preparation

We understand the difficulty level of the exam makes you deal with stress. It is a battle that every aspirant is fighting, and to win it, one has to learn, memorize, and retain in an appropriate time span. The syllabus is vast and covers a handful of subjects that require logical and precise learning. Prepare a study plan that helps you cover the syllabus on time and also spare a few days for revision. Additionally, don’t let your morale down by comparing yourself with other candidates. Therefore, maintain a cool mind and try to be away from stress. Only a stress-free mind will help you learn better and retain better.

Always Make Notes

While learning, don’t forget to make notes. The habit of making notes will help you grasp the topics better and provide you with something for a quick revision. Make notes diligently regularly as it will help you remember each piece of information and write answers lucidly during the exam. 

Revision Is A Must

As the exam day approaches, move to the revision part to recollect all the information you have memorized to date. It will help you answer better in the UPSC exam. So, keep revision via the notes you made during preparation and keep retaining the syllabus. The revision will help aspirants recollect faster, increasing their chances of performing better in the UPSC exam.

Aspirants can take guidance from peers on the best revision techniques and have more knowledge about the nuances of revision to ace one of the toughest exams in the country.

Time Management Is Crucial

One of the things that every aspirant must do is time management. It should be one of the crucial parts of your preparation strategy. Without managing your time well, it will become difficult for you to cover all the syllabus of the UPSC examination. Therefore, you can allocate enough time for all subjects with precise time management depending on their complexity. Also, spare some time to refresh your mind and recharge it for another study session. With a relaxed mind, productivity will be greater.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Tests

Solve at least 10-15 years of previous years’ UPSC question papers. This will help you understand the exam pattern and guide you through the preparation strategy. Also, practice mock tests. Even the Best UPSC coaching institutes in Faridabad emphasize solving mock tests and practicing old question papers. This will sharpen your knowledge of a subject and prepare you for the exam day.


Speed is crucial for exams as it helps you answer every question. To obtain optimal speed, one has to keep practicing question papers and solve them in a specified time frame. Solve as many as papers during the preparation stage to enhance the speed as well as improve the handwriting.

Books, Magazines & Newspapers

Go for the best books from the best publishers. Don’t burden yourself with all the books available or that everyone suggests. Stay up to date with the current affair by reading newspapers like The Hindu, which provides good information. Reading current affairs magazines will also boost your knowledge and improve your power to analyze every subject. It will also enhance learning and writing skills. You can go for magazines like Economic & Political Weekly, Kurukshetra, The Science Reporter, and Yojana. All this will support your preparation and ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Eat Healthily. Stay Healthy

Don’t let exam preparation or stress take a toll on your healthy routine. Keep eating healthily and drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and fresh. If your body is healthy, your mind will be able to concentrate better. Plus, good food will keep you supercharged to follow your preparation strategy, which is essential for the UPSC exam.

Know More About UPSC Exam

The UPSC exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. People who appear for the exams are the ones that aspire to work in the IFS, IPS, and IAS, among other allied civil services. It is conducted in 3 phases- 

The UPSC Prelims

UPSC Mains

The UPSC Interview round

Every year, lakhs of candidates apply for the preliminary paper, out of which only 50% appear for the exam. Of that 50%, only 5% get the chance to write the UPSC prelims and qualify for the mains paper. And 20% of that 5% are the ones who clear the mains and get selected for the personality test. 

The exam is competitive, making it highly necessary for aspirants to understand the syllabus and begin preparations. They can even join the Best PCS institute in Faridabad to give a boost to their preparation.

Wrapping Up

The above tips and information about the UPSC examination will help you prepare better and ensure that you are confident enough to put your best work forward. 

So, start focusing on the weaker areas and make them strong, and don’t forget to create a preparation plan that allows you to cover the syllabus and spare a few days for the revision too.

We hope that the article has helped you with the 8 amazing tips to prepare for the UPSC exam that you were looking for. Now, don’t wait and start preparing to become a civil officer.

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