8 easy SEO tips for writing articles online

SEO articles play an important role in any type of business and social media management. As a content writing service company, we have to write multiple blogs and articles in a week For our clients.  These SEO blogs and articles play an important role to drive traffic to their websites. If you are posting regular content on your website then you will easily introduce your potential customers or your client to your brand. But if you are posting just some bunch of bird words on your page. And you are expecting that your customer will come to your website then it would not be possible. For this, you have to hire a professional for writing articles for your company who knows the right way to build content that can attract customers.


8 Best SEO Tips for Writing Articles

SEO is not only a part of online content creation but it is a General practice That helps you to position your website. Content on your website is one of the most important parts that help the search engine to rank your website at the top. So you can hire a professional for writing articles.

1. Be careful while choosing your keyboard

You can prepare a complete sheet to maintain a list of your keywords which includes the list of all your top keyboards and the phrases that people are searching for in your industry. One of the most important things that you cannot forget is that you have to understand your target audience along with the words and phrases they are searching for. to understand your audience better you can ask some questions from yourself like

  • What are the interests of the customers?
  • How do I solve their problems?
  • What are their preferred languages and devices?
  • Who are your competitors?

There are various tools that you can use to check the list of your keywords. These are UberSuggest, Google Trends, SemRush.

2. Don’t forget to include the keywords in the article

Don’t forget to include your focus keywords in the title in your post paragraph on the introduction paragraph in meta description and the slug. you have to also include your keyword in your first to headings that is  H1 or H2. The set of keywords is also known as key phrases.

Search engines got to know about the topic of any particular article, blog or web page by finding the key phrases in it. so you have to maintain a good keyword density in your article it will help the SEO.  it means you have to use your keyword while writing your content naturally.  A good keyword density in any blog should be between 0.5% to 2.5%.  For this, you have to hire a professional article writers.

As things should be a good balance, similarly your key phrases should also be balanced in your complete article. If you overuse the keywords within your article then it will be considered as spam content and search engines will punish you for the same.


3. Maintain the Quality of the content

Try to maintain the quality of the content,  it is not only for the search engines but also for The Reader. if the readers like your content then the search engines automatically write your content. here are some questions that you should ask yourself before writing your content these questions are

  • What can you offer to your reader that no one else can provide?
  • Number of what unique service can you provide to your customers?
  • What knowledge are you going to share with your customers?

What type of content people use to share here are some points if you consider wind writing then user will going to share your content

  • Contents that solve the reader’s problem.
  • At what is trendy and you in your profession along with that at some insights and opinions of an expert.


4. Maintain a good length of your content

Search engines like long and good length content. The good length of the content is considered to be 600 words but if you write an article of a thousand words and more then it would be better. If you write a long article then you can provide a good value to your reader and it will hold your customer for more time on your website.


5. Focus on Image Optimization

Search engines use titles to read the images and rank them accordingly to the search engine. Ensure that you must include your keyword in the image title. It will help you to boost the rank of the image when the internet is looking for an image to display.  so do not use the image name as a “pic1” or “pic 2” or by the object name instead use 5 tips for Search Engine Optimisation.


6. Consider High-Quality Link

The type of backlinks you are using on your website or blog also plays an important role. The type of content links you are used in which include the quality and the quantity of the content are also a part of the calculation of any search engine algorithm. search engines prefer that rested links on your site such as bbc.com as a comparison to some unknown blogs. If you are using any link with a trusted source is better than many links from unknown sources.


7. Improve your writing

Reading more and more high-quality content from a good website will help you to train your eyes to write content in a pleasing style. your short sentences and the concise paragraph. Try that the length of a sentence should not be more than 20 words. The length of the paragraph is considered as two and a half lines. you can find someone who is good at writing to proofread or edit your article.

8. Promote your article

Writing an article and publishing it is not enough and it is not the end of your attention to the article. You have to ensure it to promote your blog to your friends, colleagues and anyone who is interested to read your article. Social media is the best place to promote your article and you can use it to engage your audience.


Summing Up:

Here we have discussed tips for writing articles. I hope it will help you to write a good article. If you are looking for someone to article writing Then you can connect with us. We are one of the best article writing services that can provide you the best quality content according to your business.

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