8 Healthy Hot Drinks

If you’re looking for a way to maintain your health and reduce the number of calories you consume, try switching from coffee to one of these 8 healthy hot drinks!

Ginger Tea

Traditionally, ginger tea has been used to relieve stomach aches and nausea. To make it, grate or slice a small piece of peeled ginger root and pour boiling water over it for 10 minutes. Or, you can buy the teabags in most supermarkets.

Fruit tea

If you want a teat, low-calorie options are available. Check the label and choose one that does not contain sugar. You might want to avoid teas with licorice, which could raise your blood pressure.

Fresh mint tea

With fewer calories than most other teas, mint tea has been thought of as a healthy option. Mint is perfect for digestion and has traditionally been served to help with taste and clarity. Avoid Moroccan mint tea at restaurants, as it often contains a lot of sugar.

Hot chocolate

A small cup of hot chocolate from a chain coffee shop can contain 20 grams of sugar, which could create problems for your health. A healthy alternative to this treat is to combine unsweetened cocoa powder with low-fat milk and erythritol if needed. (This option will also help to control cholesterol.)


Drinking coffee in moderation is okay, but a large latte made with whole milk can contain nearly 300 calories. If you’re a fan of milky coffees, go for a smaller size and choose a ‘skinny’ version with low-fat milk to cut back on the number of calories and saturated fat it contains. Avoid flavored drinks that often have sugary syrup added to them, such as vanilla or gingerbread lattes. For more flavor, sprinkle ground cinnamon instead of adding sugar to your coffee.

Hot lemon

Many people still use lemonade and other acidic drinks as a replacement for sugar-based beverages. However, hot water and lemons make for a healthier alternative to these sugary drinks even when served with a meal.

Green tea

Caffeine is often exaggerated and many studies have found that green tea does in fact contain caffeine. This is as true for matcha coffee as it is for traditional hot coffee, making it a healthier alternative to a sugary drink.


The Indian spice mixture is brewed with a liquid tea, creating a black tea flavored drink that’s tasty. Chai is low in calories and is perfect for the cold winter months – but be sure to watch out for the sugar and saturated fat in some lattes. If you’re making your own, it is easy to add milk to keep the saturated fat down and prevent the cream from spoiling the taste.

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