9 Lucky Charms for Wealth and Prosperity

Many business owners enjoy displaying figurines associated with prosperity. We frequently see these lucky charms in stores, where they are placed on a shelf or hung near the entrance to encourage good sales.

After the year that everyone has had, it wouldn’t hurt to join in and hope for some extra assistance for a better year. Here are some Feng Shui activators to help you succeed in business.

The most important aspect of Feng Shui art is the use of space and the flow of energy. Traditionally, the northern and southern areas or corners of a space are the “wealth area,” representing career and money. Keep this in mind as you place your chosen charms.

Good Luck Charm for Business

Ox Statue

The ox is dependable, honest, responsible, and deeply loyal. It is one of the most popular Chinese zodiac signs. It’s also the first of the zodiac signs to be predicted to win the cycle next year. The Lucky Ox is generous to humans, has a strong sense of justice, and is dependable, which is why it will provide you with the strength you need to overcome obstacles and maintain the loyalty of those around you. In the northwest corner of your business space, hang an image of the Ox sitting on a bed of coins.


The dragon, one of the four celestial beings, is an extremely important and powerful Feng Shui symbol, as it is China’s most powerful and sacred creature. It is regarded as the ultimate symbol of good fortune, wealth, power, and honor. The golden dragon is thought to be a powerful activator of success in 2021.

Money Tree

The Money Tree, which comes in a variety of sizes, is another well-known ornament that is said to bring good luck in business and finances. It’s the 2021 Feng Shui remedy plant. Add multicolored stones, such as amethysts, to the tree for the coming year to attract good energies of prosperity, happiness, and luck. An Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Money Tree is especially beneficial in the office because it helps to balance the energies of coworkers and bosses. You can display the money tree in the southeast corner of your office, in addition to near the cash register.

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha, also known as the Buddha of Happiness in Feng Shui, is said to be the luckiest charm for businesses. Because nothing makes the Laughing Buddha happier than seeing our problems and worries fade away, he brings abundance, wealth, and joy into the home and workplace. If you’re going to put one on display, go for a large statue with a large belly to rub instead of a small one. The rounder the Buddha’s belly, the more auspicious he is, and rubbing his belly is said to grant your wishes. To attract wealth, place the Laughing Buddha on your office desk or in the southeast corner of your workplace.

I-Ching Coins

Round coins with a square-cut center and Chinese characters engraved on them, also known as Feng Shui coins, are usually tied with red rope or silk. These coins are well-known as lucky symbols. Heaven is represented by the round shape, while the earth is represented by the square center cut. Positive energy from the heavens and the earth is drawn to this combination. It’s common for businesses to receive one coin enclosed in a sealed red Ang Pow envelope as a symbol of good luck and fortune. When you hang three i-ching coins on the inside front of your doorknob during the year of the Ox, the Chinese believe it will bring you extra luck and wealth. It opens the door to good fortune. If you work in retail, it’s best to keep these coins on hand at all times to bring your company luck and prosperity.

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Lucky Charm for Business Wealth

Money Frog

The Money Frog, like the other charms listed here, can attract wealth and good business. Many feng shui experts believe the Money Frog is the most important symbol of prosperity, and it comes in gold or porcelain. The golden one is recommended for 2021. A frog sitting on coins or a frog with a coin in his mouth is depicted on the figurine. This is frequently displayed near the entrance or on the northern side of the space, and it should always face inward, never outward.


The Bagua is commonly hung above a door because it analyses energy in a space. This feng shui item addresses the eight areas of one’s life (hence the octagon shape), including health and family, wealth and abundance, and love and marriage, to name a few. It also functions as a dream catcher, with the center mirror absorbing and trapping any unlucky or negative energy while the outer octagon disperses positive energy.

Lucky Charms for Prosperity

Lucky Cat

You’ll almost certainly see this golden cat waving at you, whether it’s in a restaurant or a store selling various goods. This feline figurine, which is said to bring prosperity, can be placed anywhere you want good luck to come in. Many business owners prefer to put it near the front door or the cash register.

Incense Sticks

Even during the dreaded ghost month, incense sticks are thought to drive away negative energy and evil spirits. There are various types of incense depending on what you wish for, but many business owners use red incense to wish for business growth.

Bottom Line

While you can always buy 2 or 3 of these charms, do not put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your business’s success. After all, nothing beats perseverance and hard work.


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