Online whiteboard use cases

Use cases of online whiteboard

Online whiteboard use cases depend. Online whiteboards are gradually supplanting traditional whiteboards. Due to the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced employees to work from home and students to learn from home, the traditional whiteboard is becoming obsolete.

Because online whiteboard tools can be accessed and edited from any location and at any time, it’s unsurprising that they’re eclipsing traditional methods of collaboration, communication, and presentation.

If you’re still unsure whether an online whiteboard is a good fit for you, allow us to demonstrate its top five use cases so you can see how beneficial they can be.

Brainstorming & Planning

Whiteboards are ideal for planning and brainstorming sessions. There is a reason why people enjoy writing on whiteboards. Large corporations have numerous whiteboards throughout their offices.

We want to bring this experience and joy to the web, so that remote teams can benefit from the same benefits as in-office whiteboards.

You can create quick sketches of your diagrams and use a variety of colors to convey different messages. Others are able to see your cursor, and you are able to see theirs. It enables everyone to easily comprehend and follow what is being said.

The undo feature enables you to create quick sketches that can be deleted with a few keystrokes.

you can easily plan your next batch of features and collaborate more visually and interactively on your plans and ideas. A thousand words are contained in a single image!

Once you’re finished with the interactive drawing, you can export your creations as a high-quality PNG file that can be used in its native format (as we like to do it). If a professionally designed diagram is required, the export can be used as a starting point for creating a more formal and final image using any of your preferred diagramming tools.

Sticky notes enable you to categorize your belongings. Whether you’re implementing a kanban board in a software development team or using a priority matrix to decide on your next business move.

Don’t forget to browse our library of pre-designed whiteboard templates, many of which are dedicated to organizing sticky notes.

Instruction & Explanation

Teachers, the world over use whiteboards to aid in their explanations. With Onlineboard, you can easily conduct your class online. Your students will adore your interactive lessons.

In comparison to screen sharing during a conference call, Onlineboard does not require a high-speed internet connection to transfer the drawings, as they are transmitted in a much more compact manner than video sharing.

Online board eliminates the need for an obnoxious “Do you see what I’m sharing?” icebreaker during conference calls. Your students can track your progress and see the same things you do in real-time.

The online board is suitable for use in mathematics, chemistry, and even computer science classes.

Additionally, our whiteboard works well with a graphical tablet, allowing you to write on the board with your stylus.

If you wish, you can enable read-only mode for your students. Each participant may use the pointer tool to indicate their points of discussion, just as they would in real life.

Art & Design

As it turns out, our whiteboard application makes an excellent multiplayer drawing board.

You can experiment with our new experimental drawing features and become the modern-day Leonardo DaVinci. Create amazing drawings and then sell them as non-fungible tokens to earn a million dollars!

Some people use Onlineboard to draw in their spare time, and you are welcome to do the same!

Let us usher in a new era of collaborative electronic arts! Connect your graphical tablet to your computer and begin drawing.

Additionally, you can read about pen and pencil games that are playable on an online whiteboard.

Collaboration via the Internet

Collaboration online, particularly during meetings, can be tedious. While employees can still collaborate and come up with novel solutions to problems, without whiteboards, the process can feel slow and tedious.

Using online whiteboards in a team setting is an excellent way to collaborate and deliberate on various issues concurrently. Individuals may contribute during the meeting or afterward. This makes online whiteboards an excellent tool for remote teams that rely heavily on asynchronous communication and collaboration.

Mind Mapping and Roadmaps for Products

As an alternative to your mind mapping software, whiteboards are an excellent substitute. You can create maps from scratch or use pre-made templates to depict the journey of your product.

The best part is that these maps are accessible to everyone, ensuring that your entire team is on the same page regarding what needs to accomplish and when.

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