The Kardashians Cosmetic Dentist Revealed

The Kardashian family has plenty of notoriety when it comes to famous cosmetic dentists, but it’s been tough to keep track of the dentist who keeps their pearly whites looking so bright and clean. If you’re wondering who that might be, we have the answer! Here are five fast facts about the Kardashian family’s cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ted Ralston from houston cosmetic dentist, Texas.

Bruce Jenner’s Teeth

You’ve likely heard about Bruce Jenner’s change to a female identity (and of course, his side-swept bangs and chiseled physique), but you might not have realized that some other aspects of Bruce are changing too. Bruce has had several procedures done on his face and body, but one that you might not have heard about is that he has reportedly undergone cosmetic dentistry in Houston. His dentist is Dr. Marc Harris, who has been quoted as saying: I don’t know if I am supposed to say anything or not, but yeah … I’m pretty much involved with all aspects of all their surgeries. That includes everything from facial implants to full body contouring. The reality star has also received treatments from Dr. Mark Gordon, including Botox injections and laser skin resurfacing at Gordon Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Center. It seems like Bruce may be looking for help maintaining his new look for quite some time!

Reality TV Stars Teeth

It’s no secret that some of our favorite reality TV stars love to show off their pearly whites. Whether they’re gracing magazine covers or their own shows, these stars always seem to have perfect smiles. It turns out there are a few more things we can learn from them besides what outfit they wore to an event last night. Some celebrities even visit dentists in Houston who are qualified and experienced in helping people achieve those picture-perfect smiles with cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening houston and porcelain veneers. With Dr. Seo as your cosmetic dentist, you can feel confident knowing your smile is going to look amazing! Here are just a few famous faces who’ve had work done by Dr. Seo:

Want to know if you need braces? You might be surprised how many different signs there are that indicate it’s time for orthodontic treatment. The most obvious one is when your child comes home from school telling you about all of his friends getting braces and he’s left out in the cold. But don’t ignore other signs such as frequent headaches, jaw pain, speech problems or tooth decay because it could mean something more serious if left untreated.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ Teeth

If you ever wanted to know which cosmetic dentist worked on those beautiful teeth belonging to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Lam has been working with them for many years and is thrilled at how much his work has paid off. The rest of us love looking at their perfect smiles whether they are in a game or out to dinner with their spouses, partners and friends. It’s good to be a cheerleader! Not only do they get paid well, but they also have a lot of perks including getting first-class treatment from some of Houston’s best dentists like Dr. Lam who has had so much experience treating celebrities that he can easily make anyone look like one (even if it takes hours in his chair).

Surprising Celebrity Teeth Problems

Are you an avid fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? If so, there’s a good chance you can name all four sisters and their mom. When it comes to Hollywood starlets and their families, however, you may be way off base. Sure, we know that Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries in 2011 and that she gave birth to daughter North West in 2013. But did you know that Khloe Kardashian’s husband is Lamar Odom or that Kris Jenner has two more daughters named Kendall and Kylie? And while these stars are definitely famous, many Americans don’t realize they actually have everyday problems just like everyone else. So if you think pearly whites make for perfect smiles, think again. Here are some surprising celebrity teeth problems

Are You Really Happy with Your Smile?

Having a great smile can make you feel good and make others feel good, too. Though no one is quite sure what it is about a person’s smile that makes such an impact, most agree it just looks right. Even more important than looks is health. A tooth with decay or cavities not only looks bad; it also could be causing you pain and damage to your teeth. Don’t put off taking care of your smile, like so many of us do: remember to brush, floss and get regular checkups at Houston cosmetic dentist dr. ceballos! At Studio Dentistry by Dr.

What Is the Procedure Cost to Fix My Smile?

For patients who want to get work done but don’t want to travel across country or even have a long drive, it’s important that they choose a cosmetic dentist who is local. A lot of Houston cosmetic dentists are in close proximity to one another, which means patients can usually find someone who is nearby their home and still reasonably priced. If you choose a cosmetic dentist based on price alone without regard for location or reputation, you may wind up paying more out of pocket in case of an emergency or for follow-up appointments. When looking for top-quality work at low prices, your best bet is to choose a Houston cosmetic dentist.

How Long Does it Take to Fix My Smile?

While you’ll be able to find plenty of cosmetic dentists in Texas who work with celebrities, you might have a hard time finding someone who is willing to discuss their work. Few dentists want people knowing what goes on behind closed doors—and for good reason. (Many patients don’t want their dental procedures broadcast.) However, many people are happy to talk about their experiences when pressed. When you hear a celebrity reveal that they had work done by Dr. E or Dr. D or whomever else, make note of it! That’s your first step in finding out which dentist works with famous stars in your area. And if you can’t find that info online? Call up every dentist and ask them directly: Hi there!

Where Can I Get This Done in Houston?

Going to a dentist or cosmetic dentist can be frightening. It’s important to find someone you feel comfortable with, and that won’t judge you based on what you’re seeking help for. The easiest way to do that is by doing some research on a few dentists in your area and scheduling consultations. Have an idea of what you want fixed and ask lots of questions. You might also try word-of-mouth recommendations, but realize that not all of these will pan out—it’s impossible for friends or family members to know if they would have helped solve your problem if it had happened before.

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