A beginner’s Guide to PPC Marketing

Before investing the amount in PPC Marketing you must understand the base of it. PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”. It is a type of advertisement in which you have to pay a specific amount to a search engine only when someone clicks your ad. There is no guarantee of users clicking your ads. So to attract them towards your business you must do PPC with a proper plan. PPC ads run on Google Adwords and different social media platforms. This includes search ads, display ads, Facebook ads and even amazon ads. The cost of ads depends upon the keyword you choose and the budget you want to spend.

Different PPC Services and Platform

PPC ads are not limited to Google or Facebook. You can target most platforms using these ads. Some of the most used PPC Platforms are:

  • Search Ads: You may have seen some websites on Google with Ads written on their URL. This is due to Search advertisements in Google Adwords. Search ads are an easy way to rank on Google without waiting for SEO results. Your ranking in SERP depends upon the quality score and budget of ads.
  • Display Ads: Video, image or text ads on different websites are because of display ads. These types of ads depend upon how attractive your campaign is. You may also utilise retargeting in display advertisements to enhance conversion rates. “Retargeting: Targeting those users who visited your website”.
  • Ads on different Social media platforms: Social media is the best way to target a high audience. You can run PPC Marketing on Meta, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Attractive graphics is key in Social media. Users will only click if they find it engaging or relevant.

Why Businesses Should Choose PPC Marketing

PPC Advertising is not an expensive model. It is completely customisable, and a budget can be selected. If used correctly you can gain immense traffic at a really low cost. Benefits of PPC Company in Jaipur:

  1. Measurable Results: Finding the performance of your ads is easy in PPC. Performance of Google ads is measurable through Google analytics or Google Adwords. You can find click on keywords, cost per click, budget spent and many more. With proper analysis, you can improve the efficiency of your campaigns.
  2. Fast Results: Results of PPC Advertising is much faster than SEO. You do not have to do backlinking or other SEO activities. Quality score in PPC Marketing is important. It is not guaranteed that your ad will be on top. It depends on landing page experience, Ad title and description, and budget.
  3. Fully Customisable: PPC Ads are fully customisable. You can target a certain audience based on your industry. Things you can customise in PPC Marketing:
  • Option for a relevant keyword. You can also use the Negative-option to exclude irrelevant keywords. This way your campaign will only be visible to users related to your business.
  • Ads according to the type of user. You can choose users based on their actions. For example- in Social media ads you get the option to show ads to a user who is a tech enthusiast.
  • You can select the location in which your ads will show. Like if your business is local and targets only Jaipur then you can select it. This way your ads will be visible to only those audiences who live in Jaipur or search from Jaipur.
  1. Budget-Friendly: PPC ads are not expensive. “You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad”. If your landing page is engaging then there are high chances of conversion.
  2. Improving Brand Presence: For a new website, recognization is important. As your PPC Ads will show users will automatically remember them. Users will share your website if they find it interesting and engaging.

How to Start PPC Campaign?

A proper strategy is essential to get the best results from PPC Marketing. There are steps to consider while making a strategy:

  • Improve your On-Page First: Do not create PPC Campaign if your site is not complete. Remember PPC marketing is only to get the user to your website. Conversion depends on how well your website is. So complete your on-page first. Make your landing page appealing and interactive.
  • Setting Budget: Your monthly budget is important. Set a budget such that your other operational task do not suffer.
  • Keyword Research: Your whole campaign depends on keywords. Take your time to evaluate keywords and choose the best one. Keep in mind your budget. Your keywords should be under your budget. Also, put irrelevant keywords in the Negative element and expensive keywords in the exact match element.
  • Creating Attractive Campaign: Use keywords in your campaign. Make an attractive title as well as a description. Do not make only one title, at least create 3 titles and descriptions.
  • Regular Monitoring: Daily look at the performance of your ads. Clicks you get and keywords most search. Make appropriate changes in the campaign for better results.


PPC Marketing is an important part of Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur. Keywords are the most crucial aspect of PPC campaigns. Whole campaign work on how well your keywords are. Do not think of it as an expensive mode of advertisement. Example: In 100 clicks there is a chance of at least 10 will give you leads. It does not matter if you started your business yesterday. You can run PPC anytime you want. Focus on your quality score and it will give you immense clicks.

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