A Brief Study Of The Four Major Styles Of Essay Writing

Poor knowledge about the myriad of essay writing styles is one of the most common reasons why most students seek online essay writer. However, with some proper guidance and knowledge, many students can overcome their limitations with ease.

This article attempts to extend some such guidance by offering an in-depth look into the four major essay writing styles.

1. Analytical essays

“Please write my analytical essay for me.” are some of the most common requests encountered by edit my paper services. The intricate nature of these essays is the primary reason why most students find them troublesome.

A completely unbiased analysis of a given topic is essential for these write-ups. Writers need to dwell upon the context & scenario of the essay question. They then must present arguments both for and against the subject. In-depth research and substantial general knowledge are necessary for presenting solid arguments. The conclusion is presented with a personal analysis and should be backed up with logic and evidence.


It is a good idea not to select any random writing service to write my paper, as the quality of the written content might suffer.


2. Descriptive essays

Unless specifically mentioned, then the topic of the essay commands its writing style.  For example, if the question is “How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?” an excellent descriptive essay will go into painstaking details to paint a vivid picture of the writer to the reader.

A description that helps the audience visualize a place, an event, or an entity accurately is the trademark of a well-crafted descriptive essay. Writers use metaphors, similes, and personifications to appeal to the reader’s senses.


3. Narrative essays

These essay types require one to narrate a real-life event in front of their readers. Usually delivered in the first person, writers need to pay attention to specific details to produce a fascinating story. Short sentences and lucid prose makes things easier to understand. Relevant narrative elements, relevant details, and a gradual unfolding of events can make the essay a treat to read.


Choose a style & topic and try to ascertain whether the two match each other. The right combination will help you deliver essays of top-notch quality.


4. Argumentative essays

The final type of essay under the scanner is the argumentative type. One key thing to remember while writing an argumentative essay, which many tend to forget, is to address both sides of a contentious issue or argument. A perfect argumentative essay either needs to present both sides of the problem or uphold one side as stronger than the opposition. But all such analyses must be done without any bias whatsoever.

The thesis statement of an argumentative online assignment writer must reflect the writer’s stance on the subject, irrespective of whether it’s objective in nature or inclined towards one side. Arguments must be logical and backed up by sufficient pieces of evidence.


Summary: Students mainly struggle with how to present information about a topic in a particular type of essay. It is quite natural as every essay type has its own set of quirks. Through this article, we hope to acquaint readers with the writing nuances of each.

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