Achieve The Cabin Home Style With These Accent Chair Add-on

Cabin home style usually has something to do with the laid-back and humble features of the countryside or the away from civilization slash the home for world disconnection style. Brimming with wood-built homes, dabbed with historic-looking stones and other natural materials. This includes adequate space for the floor-to-ceiling homey and cozy vibe. The rusty and soft weathered texture gives off a sense of nostalgia like the welcoming homes of grandmas—a kitchen packed with aromatic freshly baked goods and squeezed oranges.

Mix and Match Furniture

To create an antique vibe, natural materials are highly recommended which complements the type of structure a cabin has. Use wood furniture that would blend in with the rusty features.

Consider a classic sofa with elegant curves, draped with a throw pillow and quilt. The key is to choose furniture with patterned upholstery. Brocade or Polycanvas upholstery fabrics, depending on your preferred patterns. Those intricately designed upholstery perks up the space, enough for it to create a cozy and relaxed mood.

Jam-Packed Kitchen

What most likely makes the cabin-styled home is the kitchen. Install upward and downward cabinets for storage. You could display frequently used pots, pans, and other cooking materials.

Cabins usually have a low ceiling thus making the upward ceiling look cluttered and out of place. You could always consider taking upward cabinets off the list and replacing them with a minimal amount of shelves or hooks for hanging. The goal is to extract a relaxed and inviting feel.

 Go For Earthly Tones

            Earthly tones never go wrong and blend along with any type of home decors. So you won’t have to worry if it blends with the wood-built interior because it does! Decorate with sofas that either have patterned or plain upholstery, having choices varying from light to dark earthy tones. Consider upholstery fabrics to the trade with natural wooden furniture which goes along with the rusty features of the place.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is your partner in achieving the features of the countryside’s gentle colors. They bring you a variety of fabrics for your choices that can live up to your expectation of earthly toned, up to intricately designed upholstery fabrics. Alongside curtains, rugs, pillowcases, and other types of fabrics. Nature-inspired tones would best be fitted which last a lifetime style.


The ultimate accessory to a cabin-style home. The fireplace gives off a late eighteenth to early nineteenth hundred vibe that definitely adds to the antique, rusty setting of your home. Add a good one to two-person seater with leathered seat in front of the fireplace to complete the look. 

Play With Warm Shades

To achieve the homey and welcoming atmosphere of your dream cabin-styled home, paint your shelves, cabinets, and such with warmer shades. Choose ornaments that go alongside the darker tones, preferably, second-hand, antique-looking items. Subsequently, paint the walls in lighter tones to accentuate the space. Consider the cream-colored, honey shade of yellow, baby blue, and peach pink.

Vintage Dining Area   

Dining areas are a must considered feature of your cabin-styled home thus elements must indicate warm and welcoming a type of setting that has cozy space. Choose a dining set with comfortable chairs in your preferred upholstery fabrics. A farmhouse table to go along with the chairs.

Printed Bedroom Walls

Decorate your walls with a nineteenth-century-inspired wallpaper in natural patterned prints. This would showcase a feast for the eye type of tapestry draped against the wall, which is available and easy to access in online shops. To capture the natural and rural-like setting of your home, fauna and floral prints are the go-to choices of wallpapers, a perfect accessory to beautify your bedroom. Add some canvas and a renaissance portrait to add to the antique look.

Your bed should be comfortable enough to not defeat the purpose of a cabin home-styled. Thus choose the upholstery wisely! You could place a bedside table and a lampshade to complete it.

Display Books

            Place bookshelves in your living room or a separate room for a mini library. Books are a great accessory for a comfy and a sign of life. Consider organizing your books according to colors to have that clean and satisfying look. A perfect way to spend time with book lovers during rest days, especially curled up with a book in front of the fireplace during winters!

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