Advantages of SS Bolts and Nuts

SS Bolts and Nuts- Advantages

The main benefit of using ss bolts and nuts is that they already have free surface protection, meaning they don’t need any additional surface coatings or treatments. This indicates that stainless steel fasteners are highly durable and corrosion-resistant right out of the box. Wherever traditional steel fasteners are required, these ss bolts and nuts can be used because they maintain the strength of conventional low alloy steel fasteners. Fasteners made of stainless steel maintain their good corrosion resistance over extended periods of use, and as a result, they look shiny for a lot longer than similar fasteners made of conventional low alloy steel.

Understanding the chemistry behind ss bolts and nuts ability to fend off corrosion is essential. A metal-oxide layer is formed on the exposed surface of stainless steel as a result of the alloyed Chromium element’s reaction with atmospheric oxygen to form an additional layer of corrosion resistance. Amazingly, if this layer is exposed to enough oxygen in its use environment, it can occasionally regenerate.

By doing this, where the protective surface layer has been compromised, the oxygen chemically re-bonds with newly exposed, available chromium in the metal. This brings up another crucial point: in order to maximize ss bolts and nuts resistance to corrosion, it’s crucial to make sure that the environment in which they are used has at least a minimal amount of oxygen that is readily available. This is simple to do in an open-air application, but it becomes much more challenging in more unusual applications, like those involving environments with hydrocarbon or oil fluids.


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