All About Mobile Phone Data Recovery

A smartphone holds a lot of information about us and other things. All of this data is gathered after a long time. We might store any kind of documents, videos, images, or other types of files on a smartphone. This can be personal or work-related. The data is considered very important for each user. Each device comes with a different type of storage which can be limited or expanded. However, at times, you might not be able to get your hold on it.


What is data recovery? 

Data recovery in simple words is getting back the data that you have lost. When you cannot have access to the normal data on your mobile phone that has been erased, there can be certain other sources that might help you. However, this process does not guarantee 100% of data recovery by any chance. It might differ from situation to situation and device to device. You have to take into notice that not only providing mobile repair service will get your data back.

Some circumstances in life can lead to data loss and this can be panicking for many of us. As we store most of the data on our devices and we do not want to lose it. You are lucky enough if you have taken a backup on another device or hard drive. But what if the mobile data is lost and you do not have a backup? Will you be able to recover the data on your mobile phone?


Data recovery in android 

Data that we store in an android smartphone can be stored in the mobile phone itself. However, many android mobile phones also come with an option of microSD card extensions. Then also other options such as storing your data on Google Drive. However, Google Drive and other options such as Google photos will only give you free storage of 15GB storage. Rest you will have to purchase by paying the amount that is needed for a subscription. However, if you have a hard drive or a P.C. you can always store the data on it and retrieve it back if you have lost it from the phone.


Data recovery in iOS 

Data recovery in iOS is also easy as you can connect to your iCloud and back it up. The iCloud gives only 5GB of storage that is free of cost. You will have to buy it by paying a monthly subscription. However, if you have a MacBook you can always store the data on it as a backup. You can similarly store the data on a hard drive or some other device. However, if you have a lot of storage on your mobile phone and yet you haven’t backed up with iCloud, you cannot do anything. Once you have lost the data from your iPhone you will not be able to drive back the data which was on your iPhone. No repair service will be able to help you to get it back.


Tips to protect your data 

  • Protect it with a unique passcode

Anyone and everyone have a unique passcode to open the lock of the mobile phone. However, you can also protect your data so that no one can tamper with it. You can set different passcodes for your Apple ID or other platforms that you have your data on. The passcode must not contain any easily guessable content. You can also store any of this data elsewhere like a PC or a laptop again ensuring that you have put a passcode on it. However, you might want to sell your old mobile online and buy the latest one which will help me to secure your data.


  • Always have a backup

While you want to store your data elsewhere that is itself called a backup. You must have a habit of backing up the data that you have on your mobile phone. This will make it easier ways for you to access your data when you are about to lose data on your mobile phone. Many iPhone users have reported that they lose the data on the iPhone as they have not signed up with iCloud. iCloud is a reliable source only if you have taken the subscription and are paying for the extra storage in the iCloud. However, if you haven’t subscribed to the iCloud and are surviving on data that is on your iPhone, you can lose it anytime. No iPhone repairs can retrieve it back to you.



There might be times when you can recover your data from third-party applications. However, they are not reliable. As your data is confidential and giving me access to third-party applications might not be the right thing to do. Unless and until you have verified the source. The best part is relying on yourself by having a backup of the data on other devices. It is the best way to secure your data and also keep it safe and sound. It is also best to reach out to official sources that might give you another way to get access to your data.



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