All types of mirrors in a row: from mirror cabinet to make-up mirror

When we talk about a bathroom mirror, you naturally think of a large flat mirror above your bathroom furniture. Yet there are many more variants available, all with a handy extra function. Are you curious about all types of mirrors? Then read on quickly! To make it clear, we will discuss all the options from our range in this blog.

The possible mirrors:

  • bathroom mirror
  • mirror cabinet
  • Make-up spiegel
  • shaving mirror
  • Bathroom mirror with lighting
  • Bathroom mirror with a heating
  • toilet mirror

Bathroom mirror: a favorite

The mirror that everyone knows and occurs most often is of course the bathroom mirror. This is a flat variant that you can hang above your bathroom furniture or fountain. They are often as wide as the furniture itself, which looks very stylish. This one does exactly what you expect it to do: you can watch yourself. The thickness provides a modern touch because nothing sticks out. This is a fairly simple variant, which we often see in bathrooms.

This variant is ideal if you like a sleek look or if you want to combine this mirror with another type, such as a make-up mirror. Because people often opt for a bathroom mirror, there is a wide range that you can choose from. So you can be sure that there is a perfect copy among them.

Of course, these mirrors do not all have the same appearance. There are different shapes available. For example, consider round, square, and rectangular. Are you curious which shape fits best in your bathroom? Then read this blog!

There are also variants with a frame so that a unique look is created. On the website, you will find a few colors namely chrome, gold, copper, and black. Whatever color your bathroom is, there is sure to be a mirror with a color to match! We recommend that you choose a bathroom mirror with a frame in the same color as your taps, this often looks the best.


Mirror cabinet: extra storage space

If you need extra storage space in the bathroom, it is ideal to opt for a mirror cabinet. This is a real box in which you can put products. This is also the major advantage of this product. If you have a small bathroom, or just want to store a lot of things in the room, this variant is very suitable for you. There are also very wide mirror cabinets with three doors. These provide extra space, which is ideal if your family consists of several people.

You can also easily ensure that the mirror cabinet fits nicely with the rest of the bathroom. There is a wide range when it comes to the sides of the product. For example, consider black, wood and white. The most common color is gray. This is because it fits very nicely with the mirror itself, so it doesn’t look like an actual cabinet. It flows together nicely.

Make-up mirror: a handy extra

People who regularly apply make-up know better than anyone how annoying it is to work with poor bathroom light and a mirror with a large piece of furniture in between. Fortunately, there is a handy solution for this: a cosmetic mirror. This also creates a hotel feeling, so in addition to being practical, it is also very stylish.

Many makeup mirrors have LED lighting. This light is most similar to daylight, which makes it ideal of course. In addition, this mirror ensures that the light falls on your face from the front, instead of from above. This way your entire face is clearly visible. Want to see all the details so you won’t have clumpy lashes from your mascara? Again, most mirrors are for the face, some have a magnification factor of three or five times. In this way, each individual hair is perfectly visible.

Most models can be mounted on the wall, for example next to your regular bathroom mirror. However, there are also a number of standing variants available. So you don’t always have to apply your make-up in the bathroom, but you can do it in every room in the house. It is also easy to carry this way.

Shaving mirror: don’t miss a hair

A shaving mirror is basically the same as a make-up mirror. It is a small, usually round, variant that you can mount on the wall or use as a standing model. In most cases it is equipped with LED lighting, so that you can see all the hairs perfectly. This ensures that you will certainly not miss anything while shaving the beard and/or mustache. Because the light hits your face from the front, there will be no weird shadows. Ideal, therefore, for shaving.

Beard and mustache hairs are often very small, making it difficult to perform some operations with a regular mirror. For example, do you have an ingrown hair? Then it is much easier to remove it if you have a mirror with magnification. In most cases this is also the case when it comes to a shaving mirror. This also makes it ideal for plucking the eyebrows, for example.

shaving mirror

Bathroom mirror with lighting: practical and stylish

A bathroom mirror with lighting can of course be a very practical addition to your home. It provides an extra light point in the bathroom. Like the shaving and makeup mirrors, the light hits your face from the front. This is ideal when you are getting ready. Some mirrors have low beam, which can also be very practical. Are you waking up peacefully? So you don’t like bright light yet? Then it is ideal to dim the light a bit. This way you can still see enough, without the light dazzling you!

It also naturally creates some atmosphere in the room. When you are relaxing in the bath, it is not nice to have the main light on. Candles can be a bit dangerous for some, so a bathroom wall mirror with lighting is a handy alternative. For example, you can choose to use warm light to create atmosphere. This makes bathing even better after a long day!

Extra fun: there are also mirrors with rainbow light. You can choose from no less than seven colors with these mirrors! Very nice for children, but of course also a party for adults.

Bathroom mirror with heating: no more condensation

After a shower a fogged mirror, this is nothing new for many. This can of course be very annoying, because sometimes you want to be able to get ready immediately after a hot shower. It can also cause irritation if someone wants to get ready while the other is using the shower. Here’s a simple solution: a bathroom mirror with heating . This will ensure that the temperature of the mirror is equal to the room, so that it cannot fog up.

Most heated bathroom mirrors also have lighting. So you have two luxurious elements in one.

Toilet mirror: small and practical

Often a toilet has a small sink where you can wash your hands. Placing a wide mirror there often does not look very nice, but you do have enough space in height. A toilet mirror has been devised especially for toilet fountains . These are very narrow, but quite high. This way it looks very nice with the furniture and it is also practical.

This can also be an ideal mirror for a small bathroom. If you don’t have enough space for an entire bathroom furniture, but only a washbasin, this mirror is ideal. This way you can still look at yourself in the mirror, without it taking up a lot of space in width.


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