Florida birds Most amazing and most beautiful

Florida is an American state. It is the most beautiful country on the world. So the state is surrounded with many other countries. And So It has Mexico in west, Georgia in north, straits of Florida in the south, Atlantic Ocean in the east side. So, Florida birds are most beautiful birds in the world. There is thousands of species in this country living freely in forests. So here we will discuss some most beautiful Florida birds below. Some birds in Florida are as beautiful as a sun’s light. So it is famous for its natural beauty.

Types of Florida birds:

1. Black Skimmer:

Black skimmer is one of the most beautiful Florida bird. Because it is of black color with red peak. It has long wings and a long peak. It feeds usually in large flocks. As It is the largest of three skimmer species. It is 20 inches long. The Black skimmer breeds at the beaches of America. Because of that they migrate to many countries for reproduction purpose. It feeds on small fish, insects and on mollusks too. The female lays eggs in or near the ponds as other fowl birds.

2. Florida birds: Anhinga:

Anhinga is also a most beautiful Florida bird. It is also known as devil bird or snake bird. Because it has long neck usually outside the water. It did not have external nostrils. Can breathe with its epiglottis and It is a water fowl. It is of glossy black green color. Anhinga is a large specie and approximately may exist 35 inches in length. It feeds on small fish, snakes and insects as well as other fowl birds. It breeds on the warmest sites of America. So founds in the warmest areas of land.

3. American Bittern

American Bittern is a most beautiful and small size bird too. It is usually 33 inches in length and has long wings. And It is of light brown color with white spot lines. It builds its nest among bulrushes or usually above the water. It mostly feeds upon insects but eats small vertebrates too. The female lays eggs in the states of Canada. In-fact, the female lays less olive colored eggs in the bushes. So, It spends 4 weeks in the protection of eggs.

4. Laughing gull:

Laughing gull is mostly found in the Western Europe. Its name laughing is derived because of its voice. It is of white color with red beak. And It is almost 16 or may 17 inches long in size with 43 inches wingspan. It breeds in North America and also in form of colonies on the beach sites or near the ponds of water. So the female lays eggs of greenish color in the large nest on the sand. Female protects 3 weeks to eggs. They migrate to other places in winter. So rarely looks in the winter season in Europe.

5. Brown Pelican:

Brown Pelican is a native bird of North America too. It is 5 feet long with 6 feet wingspan. As It feeds on small fish but also eats amphibians and eggs of other birds. It builds nest on sandy islands, in bushes and usually in shape of colonies. It may looks in brown color with a long red beak. Its head is of golden color with off white colored lines. The female lays 3 or 4 white eggs in the nest. The eggs hatch in 30 days and chicks turn into adult in 60 days and leave the nest.

6. Black-bellied whistling duck:

Black-bellied whistling duck is one of the most beautiful duck and Florida bird. It is of grey brown color with red long beak and greenish head. It is 22 inches in size with 37 inches long wingspan. So it feeds on small fish because it is a water fowl. It eats some plant material and consumes arthropods too. And It breeds in the vast areas of South America. It did not make long distances for reproduction. So keep stay in American States.

7. Northern crested Caracara:

Northern crested caracara is one of the most beautiful bird of prey family in Florida. It lives in Central America and Northern America. Its length is as 28 inches with a wingspan of 51 inches. It has long legs. So it can walk and run on the ground. It is of black color with a crest and crown too. Northern Caracara inhabits in open sites usually on scattered trees. It feeds on snakes, fish, crabs and other amphibians. It builds large sticky nest in the trees and on the ground. The female lays 4 or 5 pinkish brown eggs in the nest. Northern crested Caracara lives in the groups of 3 or 4 pairs of birds.

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