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I have written many articles on the technology such as “Latest Technology Updates Amazing and Attracting”. But here is the article about the Apple series. As you know that mobile is necessary in this age of world. So mobile phone invented in the 19th century. This was the main and useful too invention of the 19th century. It took an innovation in the human history. So a scientist Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1903. So it took speed in the invention and some scientist started work on this field. They named this field as a “Telecommunication”. But a company APPLE took a great innovation in the field of telecommunication. They released the apple series in the world. But now the modern series released is Apple iPhone X. This is the latest series of Apple phones. So here i will tell you its features, history, apps and advantages.

History of Apple iPhone X:

Here is the history of the Apple iPhone X and its series.

First iPhone made in the history was the Apple iPhone. So Apple company introduced the touch screen in the world. Before this invention, people used simple keypad phones. So Apple introduced touch screen mobiles in the field of communication. So people liked it and flowed towards this invention. First iPhone did not has more efficient apps in it. Apple made some changes in it and also introduced more apps in this series. So now this mobile series has more efficient apps than all the phones in the world.

Features of Apple iPhone X:

This mobile series has wonderful features in it. So that’s why people like to buy this mobile series.

  1. It has 5.80 inches display screen.
  2. It has a processor of 2.39 GHz hexa-core.
  3. It has 7-megapixel front camera.
  4. It has a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels.
  5. It has 3 GB RAM.
  6. It has OSiOS 11.
  7. It has 64 GB Storage.
  8. It has Rear Camera 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel.

Apps of Apple iPhone X:

These mobile apps are expensive and also wonderful as well in all around the world.

1. VSCO: Apple Iphone X

VSCO is still the best camera app and also editing app in the world. This app is engaged with the iPhone series. This app has fixed with the iPhone screen.

2. 1 password: Apple Iphone X

This is the best password for the mobiles. This app considered best for iPhone series. This has the face ID lock and also scan your face. Even you can lock all of your vault or files too in your phone. You did not have to do anything to your phone.

3. Pcalc Lite: Apple Iphone X

Pals Lite is the favorite calculator app in this phone. This has a black screen because of OiOS. You may change this in scientific calculator. It also has multi calculator apps in this one app.

4. YouTube: Apple Iphone X

This phone has a beautiful YouTube app in it. Even you can zoom in or zoom out the video in this app. You can also manage this video on the fix screen of this mobile. You can take a snapshot in the video.

5. Carrot Weather: Apple Iphone X

This is the wonderful app in the iPhone X. This app even tells the wind blow measure. It shows the speed of the wind. It shows the changing weather hour by hour. This app even shows your exact location.

6. Snapchat: Apple Iphone X

Snapchat is one of the app which is getting popularity in the world. This has more updated for the users for their better view and result. It shows the better result of the images on the mobile.

7. Bonus (Google’s suite of apps):

This is the wonderful app of the Apple phones. This app made it superior to the other mobiles and apps. You can see the exact location of all the stores around you in your city. It shows Caffey stores, Parking areas and even the Hospitals in your city. This is the advanced technology app in iPhone series.

Benefits of Apple iPhone X:

This phone sreies has a lot of benefits in it. I have told you all the features and apps in this article. So these apps and features made it superior to all mobiles. So you can imagine its benefits at your own.

You got an interesting information in this article. So if you want to take more, then connect my website. I will tell you more about this in my next article soon.

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