Australia’s best tourist destinations in 2021

Australia is the smallest continent in the Pacific, but it is the largest in Oceania and the sixth-largest nation in the world, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. There are so many wonderful sights whether it is to explore the picturesque outdoors or to see animals that are unknown to you in the rest of the world, multicultural towns, sunken beaches, or indigenous culture and national parks. The cherry on the cake is that you’re going to meet the most friendly and friendly people too! Everything Australia has to give on just one trip is difficult to experience, therefore here’s a list of Australia’s top tourist sites that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Sydney

Australia can only be visited and the biggest metropolis and tourist destination in Australia can only be avoided by Sydney. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, a modern city that develops around a picturesque harbor with wonderful food, nightlife, and shopping. The Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge are home to two architectural wonders. There are many activities in Sydney, such as the Powerhouse Museum, Manly Beach, Darling Harbour, Paddington Markets, Taronga Zoo, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. There are plenty of places for visitors. Don’t miss the chance to hop around Sydney at your own pace on your hop trip.

You can also escape from the city and go on a day trip to see the scenic Blue Mountains, the three sisters. Lovers of adventure should go skiing or climb the port bridge.

  1. Cairns and Port Douglas

Two of Australia’s most unique landmarks: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree forest, Cairns and Port Douglas are seaside towns you can hold on camp as your headquarters. Though Cairns is more touristy and a resort, Port Douglas is still an overshadowed gem and a smaller city. The massive barrier reef is the biggest system of reefs worldwide and contains about 900 islands with 2900 corals forming this complex ecosystem. Here you will find great coral reefs and aquatic marine life. You can also go through the reef by helicopter rather than on a cruise to get amazing air views. The Rainforest Daintree has some of the oldest forests in the world to display its varied fauna and flora. The only way to do this is to take footpaths. Don’t miss these Australian highlights.

  1. Hobart

Hobart may not be so popular as Sydney or Melbourne, but this small town has its own tradition and charm. Hobart is well-known because of its amazing scenery, history, and many museums. Two world-class museums are the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the Hobart Museum and the Hobart Gallery. You can also schedule a day trip to Mount Wellington. You should plan this in advance since even in summer, the mountains begin to snow. Before any activity, the PickYouTrail app will provide you with all the details required to be ready.

  1. Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and a cool, cultural city. There are plenty of galleries, museums, markets, concerts, restaurants, and bars. The free public transit system that it provides makes the city convenient to get around. European vibes are provided by the architecture of the city and the multicultural experience. You must visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground if you’re a cricket buff. Take a breathtaking day trip to Port Campbell National Park to see the beauty of the Twelve Apostles, to play with animals on Philip Island, or to drink some wine from the wineries of Yarra Valley while the sun goes down. The possibilities for Melbourne events are infinite.

  1. Adelaide

Adelaide is a metropolitan coastal town with a small village atmosphere. Still calmer than Sydney or Melbourne, it is full of Australia’s best attractions. “Mad March,” where the city is home to numerous musical shows and festivals that many visitors, is the best time to visit during the year. The most prestigious part of South Australia is Kangaroo Island. Situated in the outskirts of Adelaide, the park houses many rare animals, particularly endangered animals, such as koalas, cockatoos, kangaroos, sea lions, etc. This is a stunning national park. Adelaide has a lot of green terrains and is great for viticulture. A visit to the valley of Barossa is a must, but not a fan of the wine.

Australia is not only popular for seeing and doing plenty of wonderful things besides the beaches, wilderness, and wilderness. Don’t be restricted and witness Australia’s true beauty. Some of the main reasons why Australia should be on your bucket list are majestic mountains, giant national parks, great road-tripping, adventure-packaging activities, and even pretty waterfalls. Australia is ideal for family holidays, honeymoon holidays, or anniversary holidays. PickyourTrail will certainly allow you to adapt the routes to your needs and interests. Book your Australian journey soon for memories to fill your spirit.


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