Best Cafes, & Restaurants In Jaipur | A Locals’ Take

Jaipur is witnessing a booming of restaurants and cafes and new cafes have opened every week or so over the past few years. While I attempt to go to new cafes regularly, however, I have found that only a handful are worth the time to visit. Most of the time the result is to be a “failed experiment.” Newbies tend to concentrate more on the decor and ambiance but aren’t as good at hospitality or consistently delivering quality food. Invariably, I lean on tried and tested cafes and restaurants in Jaipur. Many times, customers ask me to get suggestions of the best restaurants and Best Cafes in Jaipur to check out. This article on the top restaurants in Jaipur is a compilation of my many trips.

Best Restaurants, Cafe, & Lounges In Jaipur

My opinion is that they are among the top cafes as well as restaurants located in Jaipur. This list of food places are based on the high-quality and consistency of food served and the overall experience, and the USP.

Cafe White Sage

Cafe White Sage is a new product from the Meraki Kitchen team. The restaurant is akin to the rest of the globe, white sage is commonly used for ceremonies and to eliminate negative spirits or negative energy in the western hemisphere. There are even people who make use of white sage incense or spice up recipes. I’m not sure what the reasons behind this name are, however, it is a good fit for cafes. The main focus is sustainability and healthy food.

Using organic ingredients is an obvious move. White Sage’s menus White Sage are all vegetarian and I believe this is a great step in light of the fact that there’s widespread movement in the globe to eat vegan. It’s completely different from the traditional trend. There are many restaurants in Jaipur that offer non-vegetarian dishes that defy the traditional taste of vegetarian food. In all cases, the state of mindfulness is better with vegetarianism.

Zolocrust at Hotel Clarks Amer

Zolocrust has built a niche customer base that is considered to be in a different category in the world of food. Despite its price, it is still a favorite among those who enjoy food; the high quality and flavor are exceptional. The cafe is open 24 hours a day which means you can stroll around at any time. With elegant interiors that are free of the crowds, It’s an ideal place to dine with your preferred guests. Zolocrust is a self-service outlet. The Zolocrust customers love the crispy thin pizzas that it serves. Some have said it is the best pizza in Jaipur. They have chocolate-flavored shakes that are equal to the best in Belgium.

Anokhi Cafe

While the main customers for Anokhi Cafe are the buyers and visitors, it does have its own fan base among locals. Anokhi Cafe offers a limited but varied menu. Some of its menu items are exclusive and unrivaled.

It provides vegan, vegetarian, and organic vegan alternatives. Some of its cakes and pastries contain eggs in their ingredients. For the price, it’s slightly on the expensive price, but it is worth every cent and the serving sizes are substantial. It is among the cafes located in Jaipur that serve organic coffee.

Jaipur Adda

Jaipur Adda takes a fresh approach to the idea originally developed by Farzi Cafe – molecular gastronomy and then paired it with fusion cuisine. Despite the small space at the top, the place is always bustling with crowds. In contrast to other cafes and restaurants that are crowded, this one offers a wide range of beverages and not only beer. Furthermore, it has several unique dishes like Parle G Cheesecake with Rabri! However, with limited room and limited seating, There’s no privacy!


HOP is a wildly well-known nightclub in Jaipur and the rooftop restaurant is regarded as one of the coolest spots for drinks and dining.

After visiting HOP numerous times, I would like to mention the food quality isn’t great, however, it is constant. The owners are aware of the business of food extremely well. They also own a variety of popular Clubs in Jaipur.

Shikaar Bagh

Even though they do not have the same food experience throughout the visits Shikaar Bagh is a top choice for young people. The reason? It creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Shikaar Bagh is packed even during weekdays which speaks about the popularity of this place. The central location in the heritage hotel is an excellent reason to go there.

Bar Palladio

Out of all the establishments that are located in Jaipur, Bar Palladio remains awestruck by guests with its exotic palace-like interiors. It’s as well-known as its cousin the nearby Shikaar Bagh! Personally, I feel the outdoor seating uncomfortable, and the selection of food options is limited. On a positive note, it’s a must-visit romantic spot for couples visiting Jaipur. It is a great selection of juices and mocktails aside from standard alcohol-based drinks. While the majority of patrons suggest Tiramisu but I couldn’t consider it to be worth the price. Overall the food quality is decent in Bar Palladio. Why have I put Bar Palladio on this list? It has a wonderful ambiance that pairs well with drinks. Bar Palladio is a great café in Jaipur for taking photos.

Rambagh Palace

Although it’s been around for many years, Steam continues to offer an experience unlike any other to its patrons. What is it that makes Steam’s location located at Rambagh Palace Hotel so unique? Steam is a place that’s unique to serve a meal aboard a vintage train.

It is possible to enjoy outdoor dining, too. What else is there to experience something like this? The opportunity to enjoy a drink and eat in an old train compartment certainly qualifies The Steam for the best romantic restaurant in Jaipur. The decor is beautiful and unique.

Tapri Central

What began as a modest start with a tiny outlet located in Lal Kothi has provided a fresh boost to the tea-related culture in Jaipur. Tapri makes sure tea drinkers enjoy an experience that is similar to a cafe. Prior to Tapri, it was considered cool while tea was reserved only for the older generation. Tapri changed the rules.

What is it that makes Tapri the most popular? A rooftop that offers stunning views of Jaipur Central Park, consistent quality, centrally located, and a refreshing break of the “me-too” cafes. Through the years, it’s been a bit expensive however, that does not deter its customers. However certain people believe that Tapri Central is over-hyped.


RJ14 is a model of the Punjabi Dhaba style, which was always packed, with a minimum of one hour-long wait in the initial months following its opening. I was able to visit RJ14 two times after that, but was unable to get a seat!

What exactly is it that makes RJ14 so well-known? Vegetarian food is still a popular choice among the locals. The majority of new restaurants have focused to offer non-vegetarian meals. There is no doubt that Indian vegetarian food is a favorite for family dining out trips to Jaipur. A consistent quality of food and reasonable prices are the recipes for success! RJ14 is among the most sought-after vegetarian restaurants in Jaipur.

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