Best laptop under$400 for new studentsin 2022

For new students, equipping a laptop is extremely necessary for today’s time; regardless of whether you are studying natural or social science. A laptop is always a must-have—a great assistant in all your learning, entertainment, and connection activities in this new life.

With the learning by credit training method, students are forced to be proactive and self-disciplined in their education. In addition, a university environment is a place that encourages creativity and self-discovery, so interacting with students is a must. Grasping the trend of young students, manufacturers have also launched many laptop products for students in the cheap or mid-range segment that are fully capable of meeting their needs. But new students should also note a few criteria for choosing the right machine configuration for their needs and disciplines.

How to choose a laptop for student

Choose RAM

When buying a laptop for school or office, the first thing you should choose is RAM. With light tasks, RAM is one factor that most affects the feeling of smoothness and processing speed of a laptop.

RAM is temporary data memory, allowing storing information for a short period and transmitting data to the CPU. The larger the RAM, the more data it holds and the faster the processing speed.

To meet the needs of work, basic office, light entertainment, does not require too much RAM, about 4GB is enough, but you should choose 8GB lines for smoother use, helping the work to be achieved maximum efficiency.

    4GB RAM: Satisfies office software, can open up to 20 Chrome tabs simultaneously, and use Photoshop as simple as cutting – merging, gentle color correction.

    8GB RAM: Can run smoothly and fully with Photoshop functions, open up to 30-40 Chrome tabs, and is suitable for opening multiple messaging applications, web browsing, Mail, Excel,…

Choose SSD hard drive.

After RAM, the hard drive is one of the second criteria you need to pay attention to when buying a laptop.

For office needs, to achieve the best boot speed, you should choose an SSD hard drive because the speed of the hard drive is reflected in the time you start the machine. Start the software or open the file in the machine.

In addition to the machine’s storage capacity, to save lots of data files, images, Photoshop files, graphics,  you should choose a machine with a capacity of about 256GB or more so that your data storage can have more space, more convenience.

Choose Intel Pentium or Core i3 CPU or higher

Common Intel Pentium CPUs have two processor cores (a few have four cores) with clocks ranging from 1.1 GHz to 3.5 GHz, compatible with many motherboards from different brands, helping users Optimize image, audio, and video processing.

You need to determine your work and study needs depending on the professions and purposes of use to choose Core i3 or higher lines:

Core i5 CPU: More powerful can run the system management software in the company, the heavy learning software smoothly in the next 3-5 years.

Core i7 CPU: To meet the needs of all office and study users of various professions.

However, Core i7 models are always more expensive than other models.

Core i3 CPU: Meets most basic tasks, including Photoshop or AI…

Choose a machine with a discrete graphics card if necessary

If your office work or significant is associated with graphics, editing software, design, or gaming needs. You should consider choosing a machine with a discrete graphics card.

Most of today’s popular games such as League of Legends, CS: GO, FIFA Online, … are capable of running on Nvidia’s MX cards (MX110, MX130, MX150,…). In addition, this card line also ensures the smooth running of video cutting applications such as Premiere Pro, Corel Studio, …

To play heavy games like PUBG PC, GTA V,… you should upgrade to GTX1050 or higher graphics card or buy gaming laptops for a more comfortable gaming experience.

List of best laptops under $400 for new students in 2022

1.      Asus Vivobook 15 X509FA-EJ099T

ASUS Laptop 15 X509FA-EJ099T with NanoEdge design language on all 4 sides provides an almost borderless screen, helping to increase the display area larger on the chassis. You will experience incredibly vivid images for both work and play. Removing all limits of ability, inspiring you to break new boundaries.

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2.      LENOVO V330-15IKB CORE I3-8130U Laptop

V330 belongs to the line of versatile laptops suitable for many uses of Lenovo. A mid-range design V330-15IKB is suitable for office workers, students, students, etc. Intel UHD Graphics 620 screen chip supports 4K viewing.

3.      ACER ASPIRE E5-476-399X CORE I3-8130U Laptop

Aspire belongs to the line of versatile laptops suitable for many uses of Acer. With a mid-range design, the Acer Aspire E5-476-399X is ideal for office workers, students, etc. Especially at a reasonable price for new students.

4.      ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 S530UA-BQ033T CORE I3-8130U

Accessing your Asus Vivobook S15 S530UA-BQ033T has never been easier or more secure. With the fingerprint sensor built into the touchpad and Windows Hello, you don’t need to enter a password every time you sign in – just one touch.

 5.      DELL VOSTRO 14 3468 70181693 CORE I3-7020U

Dell Vostro Core i3 3468-70181693 laptop has an eye-catching appearance, compact and dynamic design, bringing convenience when moving for users. You can organize it in your school backpack or travel bag.

6.      DELL INSPIRON 3576-N3576C CORE I3-8130U

Processor: The latest generation Intel Core processors give the Dell Inspiron 3576-N3576C fast responsiveness and seamless multitasking. Stunning display: HD resolution screen with anti-reflective panel delivers clear, bright images.

7. ASUS Vivo S330UA-EY008T Laptop

Asus also offers a very good Vivobook product line with excellent performance and design for the office. In this article, let’s look at a very beautiful and powerful laptop of the notebook brand named Asus S330UA-EY008T.

8. Dell Vostro Core i3 Laptop 3468 Laptop

Dell Vostro Core i3 3468 70159379 Laptop Equipped with Intel Core i3-7020U processor with speed up to 2.3GHz, 4GB DDR4 RAM gives the machine a stable processing power and saves power effectively.

The above are laptops priced at about $400 for new students in 2022. Suitable for most of you in the field of study that does not require a powerful computer to run applications or draw high graphic designs. Before choosing to buy, you need to consider your own academic needs.

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