Bird Identification and species information

Everyone has a simple definition about bird identification that every that kind of animal which could fly is a bird. That is not an authentic bird identification because some animals which could not fly are also birds. We will define correct and authentic definition and bird identification. So every kind of animals which have wings, a beak and lay eggs are birds. Some birds have large weight and could not fly but they are also birds. Ostrich is an example of such kind of birds. Birds increase beauty of land and nature. There are millions of species of birds on the earth. Almost all kind of birds build their nests in the trees as well as on the ground and on the water surface. So we will discuss here two main kinds of birds and about bird identification.

Kinds for bird identification:

1. Predatory birds or birds of prey:

First kind of birds is predatory birds. These kinds of birds prey or hunt other kind of species. These birds usually hunt other small birds, fish, reptiles and insects. They live in wide areas and on high places such as on mountains. Some kind of predatory birds did not build their nests but not all. Predatory birds build their nests in mountains. They build huge sized nests as well. So here we will discuss some kinds of predatory birds.

I. Eagles and their killing kinds:

Eagles are the biggest killing predatory birds. There are 1500 kinds of eagle. Most of eagles did not build their nests. Some kinds of eagles build their large nests on the mountains as well as in wide areas. They hunt rats, snakes, mongooses and other insects. Fowl or water eagles hunt fish, turtles, swallows and other water fowls. They are huge in size with different colors. Bald eagle, golden headed eagle are examples of such eagle specie.

II. Vultures and their kinds:

Vultures are also a kind of predatory bird. There are 700 kinds of vultures. They have a long bald neck and long red curved beak. Have terrifying eyes and nostrils on their beak and can enlarge their neck. They may be of different colors but mostly are of light black and dark brown colored. Because of eating dead animals they did not hunt any animal. They have large wings and hard feathered bush. Vultures are also of two kinds, old world vulture and modern world vulture. We know as well about old world vulture but modern world vulture is of dark black color and looks like an eagle. It has hairy white neck.

2. Noble birds or tree birds:

Second kind of birds is noble or prey birds. These kinds of birds are beautiful and charming. So they sing in charming pitch. Nightingale is a noble bird which sings in beautiful voice as well at night. They build their nests on the trees and as well as on the land. And They are small in size and so eat grains, fruit and vegetables. They have small shiny eyes and small red beak. They have small legs and wings. So here we will discuss some kinds of noble birds.

I. Noble fowl birds:

Noble fowl birds live near the ponds and lakes too. They build their nests on the trees as well as on the surface of water. And They eat small fish and fruit. They may be of different colors. So they have long red beak to catch fish. They have sharp eyes to see fish in the water.. They lay eggs near the ponds in their nests. Some fowl birds build their nests on the tips of branches of the trees. Geese and swallows are examples of noble fowl birds.

II. Noble tree birds or pet birds:

Noble tree birds or pet birds are live on the trees. They eat fruit and grains too. So they did not hunt any bird even they become prey of predatory birds. They are of different loving colors. They have noble shiny eyes and nostril on their red beak. Even they are so loving and can be feed in house. They build their small nests with straws on the trees and lay small eggs in their nests and can keep in the homes. Parrots are one of the noble tree birds which can speak in human language. Pigeons, sparrows and peacock are examples of noble tree birds as well.

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