Black Caterpillar and its various kinds

I have written many articles on the animals just like Giant Florida Cane Spider and Its Basics. Caterpillar is a member of the family of Lepidoptera. This changes into butterflies and moths too after few days or months. Caterpillar called their larval stage. There are thousands of kinds of caterpillars. Some are brown, green, yellow and also multi color. So in this, I am going to tell you about the black caterpillar. I will tell you its characters, period of changing into butterfly. So i will discuss more in detail in this article.

Basics of Black Caterpillar:

Here are some basics of black caterpillar.

  1. Black caterpillars are of thousands of kinds.
  2. They changes into butterflies and some into moths too.
  3. They may be of more than 3 inches in length.
  4. Some have white or green dots or lines in their skin.
  5. Some have horns and some have hairs on them.
  6.  All of caterpillars have two antennas in front of their head.
  7. Caterpillars have hundreds of legs and 4 or 6 eyes.
  8. So some caterpillars have 20 to 30 eyes on their skin.
  9. All caterpillars fed on the leaves and plants or flowers.
  10. Some caterpillars are dangerous and have thrones on their skin.

Various kinds of Black Caterpillar:

So here i am going to tell you various kinds of Black Caterpillar. So keep a look below this article.

Black Spiky Caterpillars:

Black Spiky Caterpillars are the poisonous Caterpillars. These are absolutely of black color. These caterpillars have stripes on their skin. These caterpillars have sharp thrones on their skin. These caterpillars enroll their skin to fetch their prey. They look like a hairy stone when they enroll their body and 4 or 5 inches long. They fed on leaves and also eat small worms. They have 4 eyes in the front of their head. So these can see clearly in the way. These caterpillars turn into beautiful giant white moths. Which have dark spots on its skin. These are poisonous and can heart a man. These left a painful spot on human body, if a person touch them.

Peacock Butterfly Caterpillar:

Peacock Butterfly Caterpillar is a most beautiful caterpillar. This has less thrones on its body. this is of dark black color caterpillar. Has white spots on its skin a lot. they has smooth small mouth and on hairs on its body. they eats nettles and less leaves of the trees too. It is not harmful for human. European Caterpillar and changes into beautiful butterfly. It founds in a lot of number on the plant. Has 2 eyes in the front of its head. It changes into very beautiful butterfly and have big spots on the wings just like a peacock has.

Mourning Cloak Caterpillar:

Mourning Black Caterpillar is also a beautiful caterpillar. It has sharp thrones on its body. It is of dark black color and has small white spots on its skin. It also has light brown medium size spots below its thrones. It has hundreds of legs and 4 eyes in front of its head. It changes into a beautiful butterfly in the season of spring. It fly’s and can be seen early in the morning. So it has its name as a Mourning Cloak Caterpillar. It is 3 or 4 inches in size. It is not dangerous for the environment and fields. It eats less leaves and sometimes small insects.

Black Cutworm:

Black Cutworm is a smooth and silky caterpillar. It’s a large caterpillar and 5 or 6 inches in length. So it has no hairs and no any throne on its body. It has 2 eyes in front of its head. It called cutworm because it attacks the plants and their leaves. So it is dangerous to the fields and plants. It can ruin the fields too. They hide themselves in the day light. It turns into a moth and damages the plants. These are very common and you can see them anywhere in the world. So it is harmless and can not dangerous to man.

Garden Tiger Moth Caterpillar:

It is a beautiful kind of caterpillar. Has ling hairs on its skin. It has black upper side and orange lower side. So it is fully covered with the hairs. It called tiger moth because it looks like a tiger color when it changes into a moth. So this moth has black spots on its white body color. It eats leaves of plants.

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