Comcast service have many different Features

First we will understand that what the mean is of Comcast service. This is a service given to the people. This service is available in America and its states. This is a telecommunication among the people. It has headquarter in Philadelphia, a state of America. There are lot of customers in 40 states of America and Columbia. This service is very useful for businessmen and customers too. This service has addition of more services. Now we will define briefly about this service.

This service had founded 55 years ago. This was started in 1963 and now it is popular in many countries. So it is a service of Telecommunication Mass media. Ralph J Roberts is founder of this service. This is just like a family business. Because everyone treat like a family member with each other. So it has 164ooo employees working in it.

Some major Comcast service:

We are telling about some major Comcast services below. So this will help you in increasing your knowledge.

1. Comcast Television Service:

This service is applied on T.V shows. So this is a service of cable network. you can change your T.V show by connecting or calling to the Comcast service station. So you will enjoy T.V shows with your own will. You can see even featured films or can hear T.V news. So this is a broad service to inform the nation about current circumstances.

2. Comcast voice service:

This service is applied on telephones. In this you are connected with service station all the time. So you can leave a voice message for your customer or your family. It is a service just like a Skype. You can connect with your customer and can talk face to face.

3. Internet Broadcast:

It is a Comcast service. It is a popular service on internet too. So you can download any kind of entertainment from this service. you can share your issues about this service on internet. So they help you in solving the issue. It has wide area in all the countries to use.

Some projects of service:

This service had some projects to increase its demand. All the projects proved helpful and became famous.

NBC Universal:

NBC Universal is a television cast. It is a channel to inform news. It worked and introduced in 2011. At that time Comcast had only 17% shares in T.V casts. They made an agreement with MSNBC and Universal studios to merge. GE had 51% shares in T.V programs. GE’s owner took no interest in this project and deny to accept this. The deal had confirmed in January 2011. So a news had announced that NBC has purchased 51% stakes of T.V programs. Then they introduced a peacock logo on the network.

Purchase of Time Warner:

After the NBC Universal the Comcast wants to claps with Time Warner News. So they held a meeting to purchase 49% stakes which had left. A news had announced that Comcast will enjoy all benefits in all cities of United States. So these two companies held a meeting on 11 May 2014. They talk about some issues and discuss air news spreading in cities. So this meeting was over without any decision.

They held another meeting in August 1014. The committee was formed for the participation of these companies. So they heard all the discussion. The chairman of Time Warner, William refused to merge these companies. So NBC was failed in this project. On August 2015 NBC announced that they are working on speeding up of internet bidding. So they done their task on August 2016.

Dream Works Animation:

On April 2016 NBC announced that they had an acquired of project with Universal studios. They acquired $3.5 millions to complete this project. The deal was closed on 26 August 2016. They made some animation movies with the participation of Universal studios. A deal was expired between 20th century Fox and NBC Universal on the beginning of 2016. The names of some animated movies are below, which are filmed:

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  2. The gunk foo panda.
  3. The lurex (savior of woods).
  4. The ice age (serial cartoons).

The Comcast has some other projects which are wide and as well as vast. So it made more improvement in the success of NBC Universal.

We will discuss about this topic in our next article. Even this topic has vast information in it. So keep connect and as well as keep comment to us on our web page.


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