Complete Guide for an Online Wedding Invitation

The marital scene has changed tremendously over the years. While some trends have risen and disappeared immediately, there are trends that have a lasting impact and are still relevant. One wedding trend that is on the same path is online wedding invitations. As a new trend, it did not take long to move from innovation to routine.

So, here’s the complete guide to creating an online wedding invitation!

Online Wedding Invitation

An online wedding invitation is an electronic wedding invitation sent by digital means online to all your guests. That’s why it’s also called e-invite or digital wedding invitations. They are also called WhatsApp wedding invitations, as it is the most popular medium for sharing with guests through WhatsApp.

Reasons to create an online wedding invitation?

You may now be wondering why we would need to create an online wedding invitation? In addition to becoming one of the most popular wedding trends in recent years, online wedding invitations seem to offer the most practical solution for distributing wedding invitations. Here are some more reasons why online wedding invitations are the best choice:

# Eco-friendly

Online wedding invitations without paper invitations. So they are environmentally friendly and can reduce the amount of waste at weddings. The average wedding in India has more than 500 guests and more than 10 million weddings take place in India each year. Just think of the amount of waste paper that is produced! Online wedding announcements take care of all this.

# Easy to Share

The wedding invitation can be easily shared online. Most of the time, platforms have a quick sharing option where you can share a wedding invitation via WhatsApp or email on other social media. Or you can download the invitation as a jpeg or GIF and share it with your guest list. The task of marking and sending paper invitations is a huge amount of time and money.

# Variety of Options

Online wedding invitations have a complete range of options as per your requirement. You don’t need to go on or stick with traditional looking invites. Here you can choose any options from across all themes like modern, classic and so on. More importantly, you can create and hire some professionals to design animated invites in video and GIF format.

# Pocket-Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of online wedding invitations is that they are cost-effective. An online wedding invitation costs almost nothing, just INR 5,000 to 5,000, while the same amount spent on a premium card can barely give you 5-10 invitations.

How to Create an Online Wedding Invitation?

Creating an online wedding invitation is easy. Creating an online invitation on any platform requires only the following 4 steps:

Browse the various templates on the website and choose the one you like best.

Customize your invitation.

Buy an invitation.


Platforms for creating an online wedding invitation

When it comes to online wedding invitations, there are many options available on the Internet. There are different platforms with different types of services and designs. The list below shows the different types of services offered by the platforms. That you know which platform offers the services you are looking for and have chosen from it.

  1. CANVA
  2. Wish N Wed
  3. EVITE
  4. Green Envelope
  5. Paperless Post

Online Wedding Invitations: Do’s and Don’ts

# Links to Adds

Do:- Add a link to your wedding website to your online wedding invitation such as a PDF and Image.

Don’t:- Do not add separate links to your wedding website. Add a link if you have a wedding website that contains complete details of your wedding. Add a link to the invitation box – only if you don’t have a wedding website.

# Put Information in your Wedding Invite

Do:- Add all information about features such as an address, timing, how to confirm participation and even dress code.

Don’t:- If this is not a multi-page invitation, do not talk about more than one invitation feature.

# Choose the Design and Colour

Do:- Choose a design and colour by memorizing the font. Choose a colour that contrasts well with the font and where the font is clearly visible, as the information should be the star of the show.

Don’t:- Don’t choose a design that looks too crowded. When choosing the colour and design of the invitation, also make sure that it matches the overall theme of your wedding.

# Time to send the Invite

Do:- Send an invitation at least four to six weeks before the wedding and 12 weeks in advance if it is a destination wedding.

Don’t:- Don’t send an invitation a week or two before the wedding and expect a lot of people to come, especially if the online wedding invitation is the same type as you are sending to your guests.

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