Complete Guide on Oracle – Features, and Benefits

Oracle is a relational database management system built by Oracle Corporation. It supports all types of data models and comes in several product editions, including Standard, Enterprise, Express, and Personal, from which the customer may select the database system that best suits their requirement. Compared with other databases, Oracle systems are scalable and secure and provide excellent performance abilities. Looking at these robust features, many large enterprises have adopted this system, increasing the demand for skilled professionals.

Thus, to become professional in this domain, it is necessary to undergo Oracle Online Training. Such training aims to provide professional help to get in-depth knowledge of the Oracle database system.

An Overview of Oracle

Oracle database system is sometimes known as Oracle. It is a relational database management system primarily created for grid computing and data warehousing. It is one of the primary alternatives for organizations looking for cost-effective applications and data management solutions. Moreover, SQL is supported as a query language for interacting with the database. Furthermore, the database involves five different editions, including:

  • Standard Edition One

This type of database edition is equipped with limited features and is compatible with single-server or highly-branched applications.

  • Standard Edition

This edition provides all the features included in the Standard Edition One. Moreover, it offers machine support and Real Application cluster service.

  • Enterprise Edition

This edition includes features like performance, security, availability, and scalability. These features are necessary for highly-critical applications that involve online transaction processing.

  • Express Edition

It is a free basic level edition to download, install, manage, develop and deploy.

  • Personal Edition

Except for Oracle Real Application Clustering, it includes the same functionality as the Enterprise edition.

Oracle Features

In order to meet the demands of powerful database administration, the Oracle database offers several features:

  • Scalability and Performance

Portability and Real Application Clustering improve the scalability of the Oracle database. Moreover, it is necessary to control data consistency and concurrency in an Oracle multiuser database.

  • Availability

Real-time applications require high data availability. The high-performance computing environment ensures continuous data availability. Moreover, the data is available during planned or unplanned failures and downtimes.

  • Backup and Recovery

The database system layout manages to recover all kinds of failures. If any issue occurs, you can recover the database to ensure higher availability. Moreover, affected portions of the data are solved, while unaffected data remain accessible.

  • Security

Data security is always the top priority for Oracle. It provides necessary procedures to manage data access and usage. Moreover, implementing authorization and altering user activities can help to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits of Oracle Database Solution

The Oracle database system will enable you to enjoy several benefits that include the following:

  • Operational Costs

This database system provides several options for reducing operational costs. Moreover, it allows you to combine numerous databases into a single database. As a result, the cost decreases. Also, the system enables you to re-size your Cloud for everyday use.

  • Single Database

The single database technique has several benefits. It simplifies the creation of new models and the addition of new features. Also, it is less expensive to operate than other databases. Furthermore, this database is very resistant to data crashes. If one application in the system fails, the databases of the other applications remain unaffected.

  • Hybrid Cloud Environment

The database provides all of the benefits of a secure hybrid cloud environment. It lowers IT costs, increases flexibility, and offers more data deployment options than the competitors. Also, the software’s hybrid environment allows you to tailor the resources as per your needs.

  • Flashback Technology

Oracle databases use Flashback technology, which is a huge benefit for users. It is crucial not to lose data saved on a database system in the case of an application failure for any reason. However, Oracle’s Flashback technology enables the quick recovery of accidentally deleted or lost data. As a result, Flashback technology removes human error while increasing database recovery time.


Oracle is a robust database server management tool that can meet the requirement of both enterprise and small-scale applications. Moreover, it has all the necessary features required to handle modern applications. Therefore, by choosing the Oracle Training in Noidayou can make a prosperous career in this domain with high-paying jobs.

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