connection between Impotence and diabetes

Do you know if there is a connection between Impotence and diabetes?

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction in their lives as they reach the age of 45’s, 50’s and 60’s and over. According to studies, it’s discovered that for men with impotence, diabetes, or both can develop higher than normal levels. The estimates for men who suffer from diabetes have a higher rate than 40 % more likely to experience impotence. It could be higher. Diabetes sufferers are two to five times more likely to suffer from impermanence than someone who doesn’t have diabetes.

In the case of diabetics, impotence is nearly always caused by organic causes.

Impotence can be caused by a variety of reasons, and can be caused due to physical or psychological causes. For instance,

  1. Nervousness, stress and anxiety
  2. Relationship problems
  3. Poor health
  4. Alcohol consumption that is excessive
  5. Some medicines
  6. Certain operations
  7. Insufficient levels of testosterone, a male hormone.

There may be a different reason for this, like nerve diseases, and sometimes, diseases related to diabetes cause impotence. When nerves become damaged, such as is the case with the condition and the flow of penis blood may be reduce and therefore the erection won’t happen. Damage to blood vessels can cause impotence.

It is possible that medication prescribed for high blood pressure, diabetes or for other reasons could be the reason. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol could also be the cause.

Impotence is very common for diabetics.

The condition causes nerve damage, and can lead to blindness, deafness and the burning of feet syndrome, loss of sensation as well as loss of muscles control, irritation, the sensation of tingling and inability. Penis gland is the sole gland in the body with its blood supply shut constantly. The muscles surrounding the penile artery enlarge the artery in order to stop blood from flowing into the penis. When a person is exuberant by a stimulus, his brain sends signals through nerves, which cause nerves to release a chemical known as nitric oxide. This chemical relaxes muscles around the arteries. This opens bleeding to penis. the balloons of the penis expand with blood. The man experiences an erection.

There are a variety of treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in males with diabetes. Viagra is among the most popular options, even though it seems to many physicians not to work as well for those with diabetes.

If you are suffering from diabetes-related impotence, your best option is to consult a doctor who has experience treating men suffering from impotence who suffer from diabetes. These doctors understand the connection between impotence and diabetes and are knowledgeable and experienced with the most recent treatment options.

Male Sexual Dilemma

Sex is the core of a romantic relationship. Couples today are expecting more from relationships than they did in the past. The expectations of sexuality and what we want for a romantic relationship continue to increase by leaps and leaps and. The discord in relationships of today shows the way that our expectations are rarely met.

Sexual problems for men typically involve the ability to maintain or get an erection and ejaculating excessively or having trouble reaching an orgasm. Erectile dysfunction is a major obstruction to having a full sexual experience. Many men have difficulty in erections, rapid ejaculation or delayed ejaculation during the time of their life and this is normal. If it becomes common or frequent, then it is a source of worry.

Sexual difficulties for men tend to reduce intimacy, too. If either of the partners has frequent problems or a lack of desire and both parties eventually withdraw when they are having a sex session into their own mental realms of worry and anger. In the end, it could cause separation or even ending a wonderful relationship.


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