Data Synchronisation in TallyPrime: All You Need To Know

The requirement of a secure way of sharing data by businesses with multiple branches has been fulfilled successfully by Tally Synchronization – a widely used feature of Tally Prime Software

It is a process that consolidates or replicates the Tally data between two or more locations. The data is transferred from the head office to the branches, warehouses, or factories and vice-versa. But businesses must ensure to have the same version of TallyPrime at all locations where data is stored and need to be shared. Although, it is not necessary to have a continuous internet connection to facilitate synchronization.

Synchronization Modes

Businesses can synchronize their data using any of the following modes:

  • Online: For this mode, both the client and the server companies must be online during the data sharing process and connected through Tally.NET Server. The sync rule and data are smoothly transferred to the corresponding company.
  • IP: This mode demands that both the client and the server companies be online and connected through a private network during the data sharing process. We recommend businesses to use a static IP address and the port number on which TallyPrime is running to seamlessly transfer the data over a private network.
  • On-demand: The client and the server companies don’t have to be online while sharing data using Tally.NET Server.

The server stores the sync rule and data until the receiving company accepts it. Therefore, businesses can initiate a synchronization anytime without stressing about the other company being online. They can also delete the data on Tally.NET Server after the receiving party takes it or after seven days, whichever is earlier.

Advantages Of Tally Synchronization

Faster Response Time

The popular TallyPrime feature helps improve response times for data requests primarily for two reasons:

The processing of requests is via a local server that does not access a vast network, leading to faster retrieval rates.

Local processing takes the load off the central database server, reducing the competition for processor time.

Data Availability

The feature makes the data available locally instead of potentially expensive, less trustworthy, and sluggish connections to a single central database. Therefore, users can access the data locally without connecting to a central database. This saves them time and prevents data loss in the event of a network connection failure.

Error-Free Data

The Tally data is replicated in real-time in all systems, helping avoid data duplication. Also, it promotes easier access to the data that includes no errors and discrepancies.

Maintains Confidentiality

The feature ensures that your business data remains secure while jumping from one system to another. It secures the transit of all data, such as payment or receipt information from the branch office, accounting masters from the head office, inventory-related data from the warehouse, etc.

Effortless Set-Up

To set the data synchronization feature, users don’t have to install a dedicated high-end infrastructure or hire skilled personnel to perform the set-up process. The Tally synchronization can be configured and implemented easily, allowing users to do data synchronization with a single click on a button.

Better Decision-Making

The head office can timely access accurate MIS reports that foster better decision-making with the data synchronization feature.

Security That The Tally Synchronization Offers

Users with the owner credentials can set access rights for other users to confirm that only authorized users can accomplish specific tasks. This helps business owners protect tally data while their employees are working remotely. Here is what the new set of security controls for TallyPrime data synchronization possess:

  • Client/Server Rule:  Businesses can allow or disallow users to create, modify or delete the client or server rules. Also, they can even select the access type for different users as needed.
  • Synchronization: Businesses can permit select users to conduct data synchronization from the client or server end.
  • Sync Reports: Businesses have the power to provide access rights to users, letting or not letting them from viewing certain synchronization reports.

Salient Features Of Tally Synchronization

  • Easy to use, efficient, and affordable mechanism
  • Simple to set-up
  • Real-time data update at all locations (head office and all branches)
  • Run sync with a single click. Perform syncing any number of times or whenever required.
  • Adjustable to a periodically connected environment
  • Allows data transfer via both private networks and through Tally.Net Server.

Other Benefits The Feature Provides

  • Facilitate sound interaction between all departments with real-time, error-free data.
  • Create a foundation for making crucial strategic decisions.
  • With timely updates, it becomes easy to alter design and production.
  • Delivery of the right information to customers leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Distributors get the latest product and marketing information that helps them create strategies to increase sales.

Why Should Businesses Opt For Tally Synchronization?

Every organization doing business in the dynamic digital marketplace must opt for data synchronization. It helps you fulfill the never-diminishing demand for users’ personal information, like email ID, contact number, or other relevant operational data.

The feature ensures that the information users generate and the end target is steady and safe. Further, the same data helps in increasing product and service competence. 

With constant and precise data at all levels and across all departments, it becomes easier for organizations to solve data conflicts that would have otherwise resulted in errors and low data quality, shifting low-quality down the road. 

The proper implementation of Tally data can offer organizations the following benefits:

  • Improvement in business systems
  • Cost efficiency
  • Invoice accurateness
  • Streamlined logistics and transportation
  • Better order management
  • Excellent reputation management
  • Improved sales team productivity

Wrapping Up

Tally Synchronization is a must-have feature for every organization seeking growth and success in the long run. It bridges the gap between multiple branch offices and the head office and allows them to work in coordination and avoid discrepancies. 

We hope that the article has helped you better know about Tally Synchronization in TallyPrime. Plus, it has provided you with enough reason to use the software and one of its extensive features to make your business grow. If you still have questions or doubts regarding the topic, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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