Design this walking challenge for your wellness program.

If your company is one of the many with a corporate wellness program, you’re probably looking for fresh approaches to encourage your staff to get active. Encourage them to begin walking as a quick solution. Why? Walking is one of the simplest methods to enhance health, according to studies. Particularly, walking can help prevent cardiovascular problems and manage chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes.


Try holding walking challenges to promote walking among your workers. If at all possible, staff should log their statistics using an activity tracker, such as a Engagelife. Employees can manually record their data during the competition if that is not a possibility. Employees will benefit from activity challenges that promote cooperation, friendship, and even a little healthy competitiveness. Try one of these four suggestions:


The two-week contest.


-Group challenge

-Time: two weeks


This one is easy: divide your organisation into teams and tell them to start working on the challenge on the first day. Send emails and other reminders to remind staff to start walking throughout the two-week period. To get them moving, suggest that they attend walking meetings or eat lunch at a restaurant nearby. The team that completed the challenge with the most steps will be entered into a joint lottery for a chance to win a reward.


Most Promising.


-Individual difficulty

-Timeframe: six months


For some people, success can be largely attributed to recognition. According to a 2013 survey, 71% of participants claimed the most important accolade they had received had no monetary value. This challenge focuses on individuals and their weekly average amount of steps and can last for any length of time. Administrators can contrast the average weekly step counts from the first to the last week at the conclusion of the challenge. The most improved participant might earn the title of “Most Improved” and a reward.


Pursuing gold.


-Individual difficulty

-One month long


Encourage people to start moving by presenting them with this challenge. A bronze medal is awarded to participants who complete 180 000 steps (6,000 steps per day), silver to those who complete 240,000 steps (8,000 steps per day), and gold to those who complete 300 000 steps (10,000 steps per day). T-shirts and gift cards are examples of prizes that might be awarded in different tiers.


Challenge of a Billion Steps.


-Group challenge

-For three months


Within your company, establish five teams according to departments, locations, etc. Depending on the size of your organisation, choose a big number like 100 million or billion steps, and encourage each team to walk as much as they can in 90 days. Aim for a levelling off of the step count at an average of 10,000 steps each day (per employee). Teams or rockstar individuals may receive awards both throughout the competition and at its conclusion.


And keep in mind that effective communication is essential for success as you take on these challenges. Before starting any walking challenge, administrators should design their communications strategy to encourage staff to be active all the time while also reminding participants of the benefits and prizes up for grabs.


This piece is not meant to replace expert medical advice. This material should not be used to identify or handle a health issue or condition. Before making dietary changes, changing your sleeping patterns, taking supplements, or beginning a new exercise regimen, always with your doctor.


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