Discussion PRP Hair Treatment in Detailed

According to studies, PRP, aka platelet-rich plasma, is the best remedy to hair loss issues, and this is comparatively new to the world of dermatology. PRP therapy is quite effective with various growth factors, and a lot of dermatologists have started this practice very recently. You may consider it as a new addition. Not everyone is known about the PRP treatment, and to know about it more, you will have to do in-depth research.

From PRP hair treatment cost in India to its benefits, these are yet to be explored. If you want to know them all, you will have to keep reading this article. We have researched and picked up a few points that people frequently ask. It would surely help you when it comes to taking your decision.

Let’s discuss the process before discussing the benefits and do’s and don’ts!

There are three steps by which the PRP injections are done!

  • If you wish to carry out this therapy, the dermatologist will draw your blood from your arms or legs
  • Next, they will place the blood into a centrifuge, and it will spin down into three different layers. Those three layers are; platelet-poor plasma, plasma rich in platelets, and red blood cells. Only the PRP will be used, and the rest will be tossed
  • The last part is, the PRP or blood injection will be injected into your scalp with a syringe after local anaesthesia has been done!

Now, Who Can Get Benefited From This PRP Treatment?

Honestly, a wide range of people can get benefitted from this PRP injection, and it is getting popular slowly. However, let’s narrow down the search by listing the groups of people who might opt for this treatment.

  • Be it male or female, you all can go for this treatment. We think loosing hair is more common among men, and that’s why male balding and hair thinning are among the most talked-about things. Of course, women can also lose their hair due to plenty of different factors
  • Whether you are suffering from alopecia or any other form of alopecia, you should always opt for PRP treatment. This is usually known as female or male pattern baldness. This is more of a hereditary condition that is still affecting more than 80 million people worldwide
  • If your age is 18 to 75, you will not face any issue after the PRP injection is done
  • If you are suffering from stress because of your hair fall issue, you will never face any issue after this. Since the condition is not chronic, there won’t be an issue
  • If you just have started facing significant hair loss, the dermatologist will be able to treat it easily. According to the dermatologists, a recent hair fall issue can be treated within no time
  • If you have thinner hair, but you are not completely bald. All you just want your volume back, PRP injection would have your back. You may not know, but PRP injections are here to thicken, strengthen, and help to grow hair from follicles that are still functioning.

Some Of The Side Effects You May Face After The PRP Is Done!

When you are going for a significant change in your body, you may face some side effects. However, these side effects are not at all serious, and if you think it’s lasting for a long time, you must get in touch with your dermatologist.

Let’s dig into some of the common side effects.

  • Nausea
  • Scalp pain
  • Dizziness
  • Injury to blood vessels
  • Irritation during the healing process
  • Injury to nerves
  • Scar tissue at the injection site

Hence, most people have faced this after their PRP injection.

Let’s now look into the effectiveness of the PRP treatment.

According to the studies, it is proved that PRP was not that much beneficial for people, but the research is taking a hike now. In past years, it has helped a lot of people with their fair fall problems. However, there are still some cases where you might not get that much benefit from this treatment.

So, what are you still thinking about? If you do not have any significant health condition, then you must opt for PRP treatment. It will surely give you a new identity!

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