Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Marketing Plan: Guide For Undergraduates

Writing a marketing plan seems difficult for most students because it requires a writer to cater to a number of things at the same time, which often confuses them. In order to clear up this confusion, students often use the marketing plan writing guide. Guides are the ultimate solutions to most of the writers’ problems, and they mostly focus on things one should include in a plan. Also, using the reciprocal approach or knowing what a writer must avoid while writing a marketing plan can further improve the quality of marketing assignments. Thus, this article will discuss do’s as well as don’ts for undergraduates who are searching for marketing plan writing guidelines.

Let us start with a general introduction of the marketing plans:

A brief introduction to a marketing plan

A marketing plan is simply an advertising strategy that a company or an organisation implements in order to increase sales of its products and services. Thus, the purpose of writing a marketing plan is to make sure that all marketing activities are streamlined and timely to complete the mission of an organisation. In simple words, it accounts for describing the competitive position and estimating resources available to maintain this position. Its important elements can be described with 7 Ps in marketing which includes promotion, product, people, process, price, place, and physical evidence. Writing a marketing plan is a relatively simple process that includes four basic concepts, goal setting, current situation evaluation, making a plan or strategy, and implementing the plan. However, you have option to hire UK assignment writing services if you have any confusion about the basic concepts.

Five important things that you must consider while writing a marketing plan

Writing marketing plans become easy when you start after conducting deep research. Research is indeed the most practical solution of almost all types of academic writing problems. A well-developed marketing plan is one of the most prominent factors that have a direct impact on the success of the company. In simple words, a well-planned marketing plan is the one having the following qualities:

  1. The goals and objectives of a plan must be well defined
  2. The marketing plan must be formal and use a systematic or realistic approach.
  3. It must base on valid assumptions and facts.
  4. It must also include the implementation strategy of the plans as well.
  5. The selection of a marketing strategy that serves multiple competitive goals is a plus point.

Thus, to make a good marketing plan, one should make a checklist of the point. The checklist may contain some of these questions;

  1. Do you know your audience?
  2. What will marketing approach be most suitable for increasing the growth of your business?
  3. How many resources do you have to complete the marketing activities?
  4. What will be the possible benefits the company will get after the execution of the marketing plan?
  5. What instruments, tools and platforms you will require to increase the revenue of your company?
  6. How much time, in reality, you will need to get the proposed outcomes of the marketing plan?

Do’s for making flawless marketing plans

Though the above section has provided enough information about the thing that even an undergraduate must consider while writing a marketing plan, the following section by expert writers of The Academic Papers UK will further discuss the component to be added to a marketing plan.

  1. While writing a marketing plan, one should think about whether his goals are SMART or not. The SMART goals are those that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Each letter of the word SMART specifies an important characteristic of good marketing plans.
  2. The selection of the marketing strategies and suggested tactics may seem daunting to undergraduate students. But with time, one can understand why you should select a specific plan and what it can do for you. Thus, students must list down all the possible tactics a marketer can use for marketing products or services and reject those that do not fit with their SMART goals.
  3. It is a good approach to use a strategy that can give you multiple outcomes. This approach helps you in making marketing plans that can run on multiple forums. Moreover, among these multiple outcomes, the main focus of a plan must be on a single or big initiative.
  4. Campaign performance is another important point you must not avoid while writing the implementation strategy of a marketing plan. Campaign performance helps marketers to know the market trends and public response to products and services.

Don’ts that make your marketing plan flawless

The progress of a firm highly depends on good marketing strategies, which help a business in getting sustainable competitive advantages. Thus, while devising a good marketing plan, one must avoid the following common mistakes:

Do not copy competitors

Copying competitors is an easy way to form a marketing plan, but one should avoid it due to many reasons. The foremost reason for avoiding it is to understand that many strategies good for your rivals may not prove effective for you as well. A brand must research well to make strategies that can distinguish them from its competitors.

 Do not ignore the customers’ interests

For making effective marketing plans, one should know the common interest of the customers. Without fulfilling this requirement, a business cannot get the desired sales.

Do not consider a plan flawless; take multiple revisions to make it even better

Students often don’t have knowledge about the market trends; thus, a few missteps can be expected. This is quite normal. You should not pay much attention to these shortcomings. For this, you must first stop expecting perfection for yourself. The initial draft of your plan may contain a number of mistakes, but you must take multiple rounds to eliminate each one by one. Thus, one just never underestimates the importance of revisions.

Final thoughts

Writing a marketing plan is one of the most common topics in the assignments assigned to the marketing students. No doubt, students sitting in the educational setups often have inadequate knowledge about the market trends; thus, they feel confused while making such assignments. As a student, you must not think about such shortcomings as your supervisor definitely knows all these things, and you will surely not pay for these shortcomings, at least at the undergraduate level. Moreover, by knowing do’s and don’ts about writing a marketing plan, you can definitely score well.

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