Famous Things to Explore in Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Chittorgarh Fort  is one among the largest in India. It is likewise a world-historical past site, owned by means of the Archeological branch of India. While journeying in 2016, After spending 3 days in Jaipur visiting Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Chokhi Dhani, we went ahead to spend 4 days in Udaipur. Here, after journeying the Udaipur Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli Museum, Shilpgram, Sahelion ki Bari, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranakpur Jain Temple, and performing some loopy shopping, finally we planned to go to Chittorgarh citadel from Udaipur.

History of Chittorgarh Fort Rajasthan

Chittorgarh castle become the capital of the dominion of Mewar. It saw several wonderful years earlier than it came beneath assault by way of the Muslim rulers.

1567 AD Akbar defeated Maharana Udai Singh II who thereafter left the castle and founded Udaipur

While we take you via the list of should visit in Chittorgarh Fort Rajasthan, we endorse this guided non-public excursion from Udaipur to the fortress if you need to apprehend the history of the vicinity in detail. Several spots and sites in the fortress tell tales of the heroism of Rajput males and females, throughout those battles. Hire Cab Service in Jaisalmer to reach there.

7 Gates of Chittorgarh castle

The Chittorgarh fortress is guarded through not one however 7 robust gates – the primary of the spots that one must visit in Chittorgarh Fort. Each of those lies a few hundred meters ahead of the preceding one, on the incline of the hill. As is obvious, inside the ancient times, an enemy had to overcome all of the 7 gates one after the alternative that allows you to attain the fort. Since the castle premises begin right on the foot of the hill, from the primary gate (or Pol as it’s miles referred to as), and the fort is just too large, cars ply until the top. As we drove thru the specific gates, we started feeling the majesty of the fortress.

Rana Kumbha Palace

And once more, one of the spots that one must visit in Chittorgarh castle Rajasthan. Alas, it is mostly in ruins now. While achieving the Vijay Stambh from the primary avenue of the castle, one passes via the ruins of this palace. This palace marks the start location of Maharana Udai Singh, the king who later went ahead and formed Udaipur. Several elephant and horse stables are a part of this palace, that are in most cases in ruins now. A pathway through the palace lawn leads closer to the Vijay Stambh.

Vijay Stambh or the Pole of Victory

Unlike all different forts that I even have visited, the distinguished systems of Chittorgarh fort are scattered over numerous acres. The first one that we stopped by means of is Vijay Stambh or the Pole of Victory. And the historic significance in addition to the structure of this pillar makes it a should go to in Chittorgarh Fort Rajasthan. It was constructed in 1440 AD via maharaja Kumbha.

Kalika Mata Temple or Sun Temple

Actually there are several small & beautiful historical temples all across the castle premises committed to one of a kind God and Goddess. However, that is one of the maximum prominent ones and as a consequence a must-visit in Chittorgarh fortress Rajasthan. The temple is placed closer to the left of the Vijay Stambh.

Samadhiswara temple (Shiva Temple)

However, apart from that, this temple may be very much like the Sun Temple in it’s structure. A small temple, open on all 4 aspects. And, a small flight of huge stairs leading as much as the temple.

Gomukh Water Reservoir

Unlike every other forts in India, the Chittorgarh citadel has water canal along it’s limitations as an additional defense system. Due to the water, it changed into not possible for enemy troops to enter the castle without making a noise at the same time as crossing the water. Gomuhk Water Reservoir is part of this water defense device. As properly as, it serves as one of the many water reservoirs in the castle. This reservoir may be visible from besides the Shiva Temple. A narrow flight of stairs close by ends in the reservoir. As the name suggests, Gomukh approach “cow’s mouth”.

Padmini Palace & the tale of Rani Padmini

After touring the temples and Gomukh water reservoir, we came returned to the main road. A walk of 2 minutes through foot results in Padmini Palace. Padmini became the wife of then king Maharana Ratan Singh. The Padmini Palace is in which she resided with different women amongst the kins of the king. This palace is built as a 3-floor building. And, it lies within the middle of a large pond.

Tips for journey

  • You have to wear cozy clothes and on foot footwear. The fort premises are too large and you’ll have a variety of taking walks to be done.
  • You can lease a Taxi service in Jaisalmer or use a self car. You can also reach Chittorgarh from Udaipur through buses and trains.
  • From the foothills of the palace until the top, autos ply all of the time. You can use them if you are not having your very own car.
  • Don’t forget about your sunglasses and a cap or hat. The day we visited, it was quite a hot one, with sizzling solar overhead.
  • Chittorgarh – Udaipur toll road is in excellent circumstance, you’ll reach in 1.Five-2 hours. Start early to beat the heat and take it slow to go to the big castle premises.
  • Internet is full of resources about the information of Chittorgarh citadel and the stories of it’s generation. Educate your self a bit so that you can recognize and relate to the spots which you visit.

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