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Learn French language and culture through CLASSTRAK courses. Whether you are a complete beginner or almost fluent, you can learn something from one of our top-rated French instructors. Don’t overpay for private lessons: take a class online and learn French affordably!

French classes

As a parent, are you bored with working from home? Then, do you love to teach in your free time? Life being messed with your children and office work. Yes!! Daily sitting at one place and working from home causes exhaustion or burnout may be due to distractions and a bad working environment which leads to less productivity.

But, if you have a hobby of teaching any subject to the students, the stress of working from home can be removed easily. How? As a human cannot live alone, you always require face-to-face interaction and communication with teammates. So only through online tutoring activity, you can explore yourself with hundreds of students worldwide.


Say thanks to modern technology because students do not have to meet face-to-face with you as a teacher to receive the required academic support and the many benefits of online tutoring for less money, conveniently. They stay safe in their own home and study well from online tutors and this will continue to be in the future having a high demand for you.

At the workplace, what makes you feel more relaxed? Your employer facilitates you with a cab to transport, gym to exercise, library to read books, wearable device, free space to do yoga or meditate, PlayStation, cafeteria to drink a cup of tea/coffee, free medical check-ups to maintain health, encouraging short breaks. These are perks to improve your work performance.


What are the facilities at remote work? 

If your employer offers a perk with either free or paid virtual tutoring, it can help to prevent burnout and make you feel happier as well as motivated to be more productive. For any employer, this support may contribute to employee retention efforts and makes their work-life balance better. Such kind of bonus may be directed to achieve overall growth.

You know, the best part is, this type of perk provides both the few benefits mentioned below:

1) Helps to build confidence and get better satisfaction

An employer providing the perk to the employee helps to increase the confidence to perform in the assigned role & responsibilities. This becomes an advantage to employers in employee retention efforts. Utilizing the technology equipment, employees feel satisfied with this perk and become online tutors that help to brush up their professional and technical skills.

2) Helps to reduce stress for remote working employees

Employees can manage and reduce their employee’s workload as well as job security concerns which helps the employees to reduce work-related stress and make their lives better. For the employees, online tutoring will make them feel relaxed and engage more themselves in the work. Meanwhile, their children will enjoy the online learning style and environment.

3) Helps to reduce the burden of children’s education

Every business is dependent on manpower, so employers allowing flexible working hours helps to improve the productivity of their employees and profitability. Employees can dedicate fixed hours and concentrate on the work regularly. Moreover, employees can rely on the virtual tutoring platform, there is not much need for extra attention to their children’s education. 

For all the employers, this acts as the best perk that makes every parents’ working from their homes much easier. Now it’s a double win, right? Gift the Online tutoring platforms to them which can assist to create a remote working environment. Time has arrived to stop complaining and start living a stress-free life!!

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