Genetic Enhancement is A wonderful Future

As everyone knows that this is the age of technology. So scientists have made wonderful progress in the field of science. They discovered the ideas to transplant the genes of living things. So they named it Genetic Enhancement in the science field. The first genetic operation and experiment had made in 1996. A scientist named Joseph announced a birth of a lamb in 1997. Her code name was 6LL3. The name Dolly came in the honor of Dolly Patron. This was the first experiment succeed and work started on this field too.

She gave a birth to the child too. She fell in fever of lungs. Scientists struggled hard to save her but she had lungs cancer. She could survive even for 6 years and died in 2003. They was glad at their success in genetic field. So they started doing work on this field. They hybrid many more animals using this technology. So this is the future technology which i have shared to you. Now i am going to tell you the benefits of this genetic enhancement.

Benefits of Genetic Enhancement:

Genetic enhancement has a lot of benefits in this world. This is most useful in every field of life. We can use it in the field of business and also in the field of medical. Here are some major benefits of this technology below.

  1. We can make powerful and useful medicines with the use of this technology.
  2. We can use it in the field of farming as dairy farm, poultry farm and fish farm. Scientists made cows from which we can get more meet and milk as well. They made hens from which we can get more eggs and chicken as well.
  3. Scientists hybrid many animals to get benefits from them. They hybrid cats, dogs and other pet animals. And they got beautiful pet animals for their entertainment.
  4. Even they made changes in the birth of human too. So now you can got a child which have similar qualities which you have.
  5. The summary is that, you can get everything what you want with the use of this technology.

Genetic Enhancement Operations:

There are many operations in genetic enhancement. So here i will tell you some working operations in this field.

1. Baby Generator:

This is the operation which is working in many countries. People get babies without bearing pain with this operation. In this, babies generate in the laboratories. Scientists use human sperms and eggs in the tubes and engage them into the laboratories. They fall electric shock on the engaged sperms and eggs. And a baby started to came into being. They transplant the parent cells and genes to the baby cell to fulfill your demands. They change height, complex, growth genes according to your desire.

2. Gene Therapy:

Gene Therapy is another operation in the field of genetics engineering. So animals are also included in the operation. You can change the color, shape, and also even the habits of any person. This is the famous operation in this field. But now it is band because of its disadvantages. In this operation, scientists inject the sperms in the female body. They inject the sperm of your choice. So this sperm has all the elements which you demand. Now this operation is close in the world.

3. Transgender surgery:

This is the trending operation in all the western countries. So you may change your gender with this operation. This operation used to transfer male gender to female. Many people have joined this operation in the western countries. Even they change the genes of male into female. So all the gonads and cells are changed with this operation. So people do this to change their sex. This operation is not allowed in the Islamic countries. Because it considered bad thing in Islam.

So here i have shared huge information in this article. You may enjoy this by reading this article. So if you want to take more then connect with me on my website.

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