Giant Florida Cane Spider and Its Basics

I have discussed already about some amazing animals and birds. But now i am going to tell you about a biggest creation of God. This is the giant Florida cane spider. This kind of spider lives in the forests of Florida. This is the biggest spider of the world. This is also called the Crab Spider. This belongs to the family of Heteropoda Venatoria. Here i will tell you some basic information about this creation. I will tell you about its characters, kinds and some more.

Basics of giant Florida cane spider:

This is a kind of spider lives in the Florida. This is so hairy to climb up the trees or to other surfaces. Some are large enough to a dinner plate. These spiders have hairy long legs which may of 12 inches long. It looks like a crab at the closest view. So it is named as a crab spider. Its legs look like a thick cane. it habitats at 9000 feet high of the sea level. It has 6 or may also 8 legs. It has two shiny red eyes on its head. It eats the small insects and even the small snakes. It usually makes prey at the night.

Kinds of Cane Spider:

There are thousands of kinds of cane spider. I will discuss some kinds here below.

1. Giant Redback Spider:

This is the dangerous kind of giant Florida cane spider. It has red color on its back. So it has a name of redback spider. It is a giant size spider of the cane spider family. It is large enough that it can eat a snake too. It builds a strong web at the walls or in jungle on the trees. The female is too dangerous at the pregnancy period of time. It even sometimes eat the male redback spider in pregnancy. It has a strong grip on its prey.  It has a venom such as the snakes. It has thick strong and as well as hairy legs. It has sharp teeth to bite the prey.

2. The Golden silk Orb-weaver Spider:

This is also a kind of cane spider. It is of golden bright color and has silky hairs on the back. It is not too dangerous like the redback spider. It has dark black spots on its golden color legs. It lives on the tops of the trees and eat the butterflies and other insects. It has dark little black spots on its back which is too big. It also builds the strong web on the trees.

3. Huntsmen Spider:

It is the too dangerous kind of the giant Florida cane spider. It is calls huntsmen because of its habit. It sometimes hunt the men or other living things. It is caught on camera by many people at their houses. They feel dangerous and as well as terrifying of this kind of spider. It took a little bite to the men with its little sharp teeth. It injects the venom in the body of men. The symptoms does not occur for long time in men’s body.

4. Candy Cane Spider:

Candy cane spider is the beautiful spider of the family cane spider. It is of dark red shiny color. It has the perfect round shape body. It has 6 long thin legs of the red color. It also has the white tiny spots on the red legs. Its body is too big than its multi color legs. It has a small mouth than other spiders. It eats small insects and grasshoppers. It does not has the hairs on its body and legs too. It has smooth legs. So it could not walk on the smooth surfaces.

5. Fido-Hawaii Cane Spider:

Fido-Hawaii cane spider is also one of the big spiders in the Hawaii. It also has also round shape body. It has 4 long hairy legs of almost 10 inches in length. It is of orange or light brown color. It eats small insects and also the fly. It has tiny black eyes in front of its head. It is not dangerous to the men. It is not more big than the other cane spiders.

So i have shared much information about this creation. So if you want much then join me on this website. Keep connect with me.

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