Guidelines 101: What To Do When You Filled Wrong Gas In A Rental Car?

Every car has its recommended type of fuel, whether gasoline or diesel. These both matter as it helps your car produce friction in the engine and start it, let alone move it forward. However, there are different types of diesel and gasoline. They have regular, mid-grade and premium categories, best for various car engines. So, while looking for the cheapest rent a car in Doha, you must look for the car types and models they offer. With this, which gas they use in the car. So that you do not make mistakes while refilling it.

Nevertheless, suppose mistakenly you refilled the wrong gas in the rental car. In that case, you must read the following to solve this situation. This article would help you with how you could manage your car if you filled the wrong gas and what are the safety steps.

Which Type Of Gas Or Fuel You Must Use In A Rental Car?

There are three types of gasoline, i.e., Regular, Mid-grade and Premium. These are available at most petrol stations. However, there are a few hints if you’re unsure of the grade of petrol in your rental automobile. A rental car’s fuel type is frequently indicated by several visual signals. The fuel or gas type can be found on a panel or label beside the driver or near the fuel door. However, you can also read the manual’s type of gas or fuel.

Putting Diesel In A Petrol Rental Car?

Ironically, rental cars often fill petrol with diesel. Therefore, when you are at the station, you must observe the difference in the diesel and petrol nozzles. As they both have different sizes and smells. If you usually drive a petrol engine and have hired a diesel, be particularly cautious when refueling to avoid making an expensive error. Therefore, you must look for the nozzles and other factors at the station.

Five Cautionary Steps – If You Put Wrong Gas/Fuel In A Rental Car

There are five cautionary steps for people who mistakenly put the wrong gas or petrol in a rental car.

  1. Do not turn on the ignition. The repair cost escalates from expensive to extremely expensive after the automobile is started. The expense of repairing the problem might be reduced if you notice your error but do not start the car. This entails emptying the fuel pump before most inaccurate fuel makes its way into the engine.
  2. Get the automobile moving. Place the vehicle in neutral. Request that someone assist you in pushing the automobile to a secure location.
  3. Notify the automobile rental company. Note that the car had been misfueled but had not been started.
  4. Determine where the car will be returned. Contact the rental vehicle provider and inquire about where the automobile should be delivered.
  5. Get help, 911. Take your car to the service so that you can get immediate help.

Five Steps To Do If You Put The Wrong Gas In A Rental Car

These steps will assist you in maintaining your car if you have refilled the wrong petrol or gas. However, if you are on the road while you remember it, you must follow these steps.

  1. Pull over to the safer and more secure area.
  2. Take out the ignition key and stop the engine from getting any damages from the mistake
  3. Take precautions if your car shows these symptoms, unpredictable acceleration, malfunction in the engine and excessive heat or smoke. These symptoms may become responsible for an engine change.
  4. Notify the automobile rental company. Make a note that the car was started after being misfueled.
  5. Determine where the car will be returned. Contact the rental car service and inquire about where the automobile should be delivered.


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