Hair Extension Packaging Is Available In Many Styles

Hair Extension Packaging

Customboxeszone believes on first impression makes the first selection. We design custom boxes for the beauty, bakery, candle, oil, and food industries. Our stylish Hair extension packaging is available in many styles like auto bottom tray box, for corner tray box, bookend box, auto-lock cap, auto bottom with display, bowl sleeve, hanging box, cube shape carrier, two-piece custom box, five-panel hanger, flip outbox, flower top closure, hexagon box, pillow box, and paper briefcase box.

The company uses first quality material to produce ecological boxes like cardboard, corrugated, and also Kraft. Our designers make the boxes lavish with remarkable printing techniques like flexographic, lithography, silkscreen, digital, and 3D printing.

We offer many beneficial methodologies like an aqueous sheet, lamination, PVC sheet, UV spot, raised ink, perforation, and also insertion to give protective custom hair extensions boxes. Our distribution is free in the USA and CANADA. The buyers can also get free samples and also free quotes from our company.

Why Is Custom Packaging Important For Hair Extension?

Hair extensions are artificial hair or fake hair. These artificial hairs are clip to head on natural hair. Many famous saloons use artificial hair. These are available in different styles like short hair, long hair, wavy, curled and straight hair.

Our company designed packaging in various sizes and also shapes available in custom cases with transparent sheets. These extensions need protection against dust because neatness is the priority. Custom boxes are latest policy to build the brand image among the customers.

Our hair extension packaging is helping hands to keep up the color and volume of extensions and also save it from the tagline. Custom boxes with the brand’s logo help the clients pick your products. Custom packaging is an easy and also low-prices strategy to promote the business.

We use a window spot to make the extension eye-catchy. It entertains the consumers with catching sight of the product beyond the opening. You can also avail of our two types of window spot, the first one is the rigid windows and also the second one is a flexible window. A rigid window provides a luxury look and versatile design. That is why; it’s overprice. Flexible window-spot is budget-friendly. It is consider ideal due to its flexibility.

Styles By Industry And Boxes

The competition in the market takes the packaging to the next level. Our stylish boxes are the source to develop a strong place in the market. We provide custom packaging to many industries like Bakery, Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, candle, oil, and food.

Our designers talk with you directly, listen to your requirements carefully, and then design the style of boxes as per product need. We offer classic types of cases like auto bottom tray box, for corner tray box, bookend box, auto-lock cap, auto bottom with display, bowl sleeve, hanging box, cube shape carrier, two-piece custom box, five-panel hanger, flip outbox, flower top closure, hexagon box, pillow box, and paper briefcase box.

Hair extension packaging needs to keep it away from moisture. The company has various coatings, such as aqueous and UV coating. Aqueous coating is use to preserve the cases from stains and finger-marks. It is a solvent-free coating. We have two kinds of aqueous coating glossy and silk coating. UV coating is applicable on printed boxes that make the packaging glossy. It is an ideal coating to handle rough material. It is use to cover the entire or specific area of cases. UV coating is more expensive than aqueous coating.

Detail Of Manufacturing Material

Hair extension use several times; it needs durable and also sustainable packaging that keeps it safe. People are concerned about the environment and their health, and also they want such material that is eco-friendly and protective for the product. Our company has this material like cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. As well as we highlight features of eco-friendly material so that you can also understand the values of our eco-friendly custom eyeshadow boxes.

Environmental And Health Impact

In the entire life cycle of this material, it has no harmful impact on the environment and also human health. It is made of wood, and also that wood is gain from certify forests.

Economical And Efficient Material

It is competitive material as compared to others. Its manufacturing cost is reasonable, which makes the packaging low-priced. For shipping, Airline Companies considered it best due to its lightweight feature. It gives efficient printing results on cases.

Renewable And Also Durable

It has limitless features that why people don’t want to throw it. It is a long-lasting and renewable material.

Printing And Add-On Traits

Our company has technological advances and ideal printing methods to provide high-quality printing results. Suppose you want to get sophisticat colors, then choose colors from our top-rank color scheme CMYK and also PMS. Both are remarkable color collections. We designed the hair extension packaging with quality printing methods like flexographic, lithography, silkscreen, digital, and 3D printing.

To increase the beauty of cases, we provide Add-on traits to our customers. The beneficial traits are sculpting, deplane, raised ink, scoring, perforation, UV spot, and PVC sheet. Sculpting and also deplane are also known as embossing and debussing. Sculpt techniques use to push the font from the surface and deplane press down the font.

Enjoy Our Services By Contacting Us

Customboxeszone shows you the right way to uniquely decorate the hair extension packaging. At your request, we arrange a free quote and free mock samples. Our helpline is open 24/7 and the delivery time is 15 to 20 days only.

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