Have You met Your Soulmate

I am often asked in a psychic reading if a person is the client’s soul mate and there are certain signs that are helpful in finding out if the person has a true soul connection to you.

Your feelings are the best guide, honestly. When we meet a soulmate, we feel like we know him and we will feel the connection.

Twin flames are similar, but also more intense, because these twins are here to encourage us to grow up and be our best version.

Soulmates are souls who have incarnated together many times and who ‘recognize’ each other on a soul level. Not all of us have the kind of intuition when we are very attracted to someone because then we also want them to be a soul mate, but we experience it as a deep comfort and familiarity with each other, even if we have just met.

Signs of Soul Mate Relationship

Soulmates can be friends, lovers, family, or pets. but for this article I want to focus on romantic soul mates

1. A soulmate is someone you just got. It is a spirit connection, mutual respect, unconditional love and understanding.

2. If you disagree, find a solution together.

3. The soulmate relationship is equal and both partners respect each other.

4. It’s not always perfect, but you trust that even if it’s not, the other person won’t leave.

5. You feel safe with them, there is no other place you would rather be than with this person.

6. You can feel them even when they are gone and you can feel it when they think of you.

7. You know how they often feel, but it’s still good to communicate

8. They forgive each other. You may accidentally hurt each other, but forgiving is easy due to the trust you have in each other.

9. You keep bumping into this person, even before you have a relationship, you join.

10. You feel it in your gut: the most important sign of all. you only know.

Meeting a Soulmate

Our soulmates always arrive when we are ready and not a moment before. They come when we are ready to learn together and not before.

Soulmates can also be friends and relatives; they don’t always have to be romantic partners. Unlike in pop culture, we often have more than one soul mate. So if things don’t work out, there could be another. Soulmates are soul connections that we have a soul match with and will appear to contact us when we are ready.

Is He My Twin Flame Soul? Signs He Definitely Is

222 angel number Twin Flames are different and we only have one. but without them we are not half human. I prefer to call them mirror soul. Because they are a powerful reflection of us and can generate great growth, learning and love. These are very strong connections, but we don’t spend our entire lives with them.

What is not a Soulmate

I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning some obvious signs that they are not soulmates. 333 angel number Soulmates can make mistakes, but they always want the best for you.

A soulmate is not abusive, controlling, or downright manipulative. It is not in your nature and you are dealing with a toxic person. The bond that people develop with toxic people is called a trauma bond and it ruins your brain chemicals because you’re on a constant high and low roller coaster and that creates a bond based on that. Always waiting for the good times. But there really are more bad than good.

I had to mention this because I have met people who have been abused and because it feels so intense that it can be confusing for them.

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