Healthy and Junk Food – Understanding True Difference

The junk food is very common nowadays. Due to the misconception of information, there is a war between healthy and junk food. When the people came to choose one from healthy and junk food then they always prefer the junk food.

What you prefer to eat in the morning?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a very famous quote. Either we accept or not, we may prefer to start our day with eating an apple and we will end our day with pizza. there are many questions arises in mind of people about healthy and junk food. But before the discussion of reason, it is better to understand the what is junk food.

Junk food is a pejorative term for food which contains high levels of calories from sugar with little protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals. Food commonly considered as junk foods includes candy, gums, snacks, fried fast food, sweet desserts and sugary carbonated beverages.

Many people asking a question that how junk food affects our health? The answer is when junk food is consumed very often, the excess minerals found in junk food contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and many other chronic health conditions.

Now, the question arises here “why we like to eat junk food when we know that it is unhealthy food?

There are many reasons behind this to which most of you will agree.

Healthy and Junk Food Reason # 1:  To Pleasure our Taste Buds

The junk food is very tasty than healthy food. When we compare the cheesy Pizza with fruit Salad; a selection war starts in our mind that which food we prefer to eat? And at last, the Pizza wins always. In this selection, our temptation plays a vital role. The cheezy sandwich is more tempting than an apple.

The mood is another reason for craving the junk food. Have you noticed that when you are very tense, you crave for sweet junk food like pastries, chocolates, cakes, brownies, and cream roles? But junk food doesn’t put all the positive effects. It may satisfy our taste buds but it also increases our weight.

Healthy and Junk Food Reason # 2:  A lot of Calories, Increase Waistline

A common problem which arises nowadays is fast increases in the waistline. You know about the nutrition factor but do you really get any nutrition from the junk food? You can ignore all fried items, with cheese and different sauces. All these oily items travel through our blood vessels and may cause gradually blocking up the arteries which cause poor health after some years.

The high calories in junk food not only cause of gain in weight but also produce weakness in insulin which causes diabetes. Diabetes means more hunger and more junk food. Junk food has low fiber content which causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

After these reasons, you realize that this is not good for our health. But you still eat and keep eating.

Now it’s time to know about Healthier diet!

1: Healthy Diet contain Fiber content

Healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, bread and chapattis contain high fiber content. Fiber helps to release energy slowly which keep the stomach full for a longer time and feel less hunger throughout the day. Highly rich fiber food keeps our gastrointestinal tract healthy which control our cholesterol and sugar level.

2: Improvement in Brain Function

The protein in the meat and nuts helps to improve the brain functions. They hold all the nutrients intact, unlike fried foods which drain out all the essential nutrients. Healthy food is not processed, so they are low in calories. Fruits and sprouts are full of nutrition and contain low fats.

3: Help to control Weight

Because of low calories and trans-fat in healthy food, they help to control the weight. If your weight is increasing day by day then consult a nutritionist as soon as possible and follow the diet strictly which contain high fiber low calories. Nutritional and healthy diet will help to prevent all types of heart disease. Diet plan also helps to control the cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Ending Notes:

You see that healthy food not only provide proteins, essential nutrients and minerals but also give other benefits. Healthy food won’t be able to meet our temptations but it doesn’t have any disadvantages.

So, take a strong decision and follow the diet plans to live a healthy life. You are not restricted to never eat Junk food but just decrease the use of Junk food.

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