Homemade Mass Gainer – The Perfect Solution For Gaining and Bulking

There are many people who are trying to find the best homemade mass gainers. But what are they? They help you gain weight and mass in a safe and healthy manner without spending a fortune. This is an easy way for anyone who wants to gain and build muscle mass. Here is a look at homemade mass gaining products, and why they are so popular today.

One: Most of the supplements in the market that have been created for professional athletes are not only unsafe, but also very expensive. However, if you search online, you will find that there are some great homemade mass gainer recipes out there that cost next to nothing to prepare. They work just as well as the ones you can buy at the store, and the ingredients can be found pretty much anywhere. You can even find them in your local store if they don’t already have them! Some of the best homemade mass gainer recipe is: 

Low Fat Mass Gainer 

This homemade mass gainer recipe is not only healthy, delicious and easy to make but also is very reasonable. Also, it is high in fiber and low in fat. To make this mass gainer you need 60g rolled oats, 45g protein powder, 18g powdered peanut butter, 10g cocoa powder, and 11g chocolate mix. 

Preparation Method

  • Take a food processor and mix protein powder, rolled oats, cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter and chocolate mix together until you get its powdered form. 
  • Store this powder in an airtight container and use it in your smoothies, recipes etc. 

As a whole this mass gainer powder contains 9g fat, 1g saturated, 573 calories, 465mg sodium, 17g sugar, 13g fiber, and 56g protein.  

Banana Peanut Butter Mass Gainer 

This delicious mass gainer recipe is a perfect choice to meet your body goals. Ingredients required for this recipe are 50g oats, 15g almonds, 2 bananas, 1 full tbsp peanut butter and 700ml of double toned milk. 

Preparation Method

  • In a blender grind oats to get a fine powder then add almonds and grind them. 
  • Add peanut butter and banana and mix them to get a thick paste and after this add double toned milk. 

This mass gainer provides 870 calories, 32g protein, 122g carbs and 28g fat. 

Blueberry Cheesecake 

This good fat and calorie dense mass gainer shake is a good source of protein, fat, fiber, and antioxidants and vitamin C in it will keep that seasonal flu at bay. To make this recipe you need 1 cup milk, 1 cup egg whites, 120g cottage cheese, 100g wild frozen blueberries, 75g oats and 1 scoop vanilla flavoured protein powder. 

Preparation Method 

Take a blender and put all the ingredients in it. Blend it well, serve and enjoy. 

This homemade mass gainer shake will give you 815g calories, 88g protein, 83g carbs and 15g protein. 

Two:  It is important to remember that just because something costs a lot or includes fancy ingredients that doesn’t mean it is effective. There are a lot of mass gainer supplements out there that you can’t use, as they don’t have the proper combination of ingredients. Also, most don’t include the types of calories and other nutrients that you need to achieve that well-built body. Only a few of them have the right ingredients in the right proportions like MuscleBlaze mass gainer, MyProtein mass gainer and much more. 

Three: Once you find a great homemade mass gainers recipe, try to include it as much as possible into your diet routine. When it comes to workout routine for mass gain, if you aren’t used to heavy lifting, start off with lighter weights and higher reps. If you’re used to exercising, start off with lower reps and higher weights. The more you do it, the more accustomed to it you will become and the faster you will be able to increase the weight and mass! Also, you will find it much easier to lift heavy objects once you really start to like doing them.

How Weight Lifting Can Help With The Mass Gain?

  • The reason why weight lifting is so popular is because those techniques have been around for a very long time. In ancient times, tribes would gather in a circle to work on strength and stamina through lifting. People from all over the world have created different ways to get those results, and over time as different cultures have diverged on which methods work best.
  • Today, the most popular method involves using free weights to help tone the muscles and then adding a little bit of weight by using an exercise machine. And using homemade mass gainers along with the weight lifting have been helping people to pack on the pounds. Both diet and right workout is what causes the bad fat to simply melt away and helps you gain the good fat. 
  • So if you are looking to pack on pounds, you need to get started! But before you consume any mass gainer, first be sure to seek medical advice, even if you are in good health. 


Homemade mass gainers recipes have been around for a while, but they are gaining popularity rapidly. They are a great way to get started toning and packing on the pounds, and they are easy enough to make, and safe to use. With a little research, you can find hundreds of homemade mass gainer recipes on the internet that will show you step by step recipe making. Once you do, you will be able to say goodbye to the useless, pricey mass gainers. So, eat right and stay fit.  

What is your favourite mass gainer recipe? Have you used any of the mentioned recipes? What are your views or experience on homemade gainers? Do you think homemade mass gainers are better than those packed mass gainers available in the market? Feel free to share with us and our audience in the comments section below. We would love to know your thoughts on this. 

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