How can you make use of Instagram’s Collab feature

We’re celebrating! No matter if you’re a content creator or business owner, collaboration with your followers on Instagram just got much easier and faster thanks to Instagram’s brand new Collab feature.

Instagram users can collaborate on Feed and Reels posts in only a couple of clicks. With usernames displayed included in their headers, both businesses and creators are now more visible than ever with the help of InstaBoost.


  • How do I utilize Instagram’s Collab feature, which allows you to use CC thumbnails as thumbnails?
  • Learn more about how you can use Instagram’s collaboration feature.
  • Instagram is currently testing a new feature called “Collab,” and here’s why.


The brand-new Instagram Collab feature on Instagram is revolutionizing how we work with our fellow creators. Prior to the release of the feature the majority of posts that were tagged Story posts captions, Feed posts, and Reels were not seen by Instagram users. Why? Because people scroll through their Stories and newsfeeds quickly. Over the age of 25 are spending more than 32 minutes per day on Instagram and those short glances through the feed add up.

With the introduction of the Instagram Collab function creators of content are now seen to be more visible than traditional tagged Feed posts as well as Stories. The username will be in the top view in the header. You’ll never forget to add a Collab tag again. This Feed posting or Reel will be displayed on both profile grids. It will also have the number of views, alike count, and a comment thread.


How do you post to Instagram with the help of Collab?


Step 1. Click on + after opening the Instagram

To start, launch your Instagram application. Tap the + symbol located in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2. Choose your preferred image or video.

Next, click on Post, Story, Reel Next, select Post, Story, Reel, Live. Choose the Instagram image or video you want to share, and click next when you’re done. Editing options will show. If you want to edit your video or image, do so, or click next. Click onto the Tag People option, then tap Invite Collaborator.

Step 3. Tag people

Step 4. try to invite a coworker on Instagram

Find collaborators by using the tag screen. If you invite a co-author after they’ve accepted, they will be able to share your post with their grid, and also with their followers on Feed. If they accept it, they’ll be listed as an author in the post.

The collaborators you have added will be listed beneath on the Add Tag or edit Collaborator tabs. Collab tags will appear below the Add Tag and Edit Tabs. The collab tag will be automatically added within the center of the Instagram post. The tap did save your changes.

After you’ve published your blog post, your collaborators will be notified to either accept or deny your invitation.

What’s wrong with Collab not working? Collab function not functioning?


First, check if firstly, make sure that the Collab feature is in your region. If not, you can check out updating your Instagram app in either the App Store or Google Play Store. This feature won’t be accessible for Instagram users who do not have the most current version. To increase the visual behavior of your Instagram Posts, we suggest you Buy Instagram followers from Australia as the best option. Premium Instagram profiles can make prettier your profile.

Can Collab work for video and image posts? Collab feature work with images and videos?

Yes. Both video and image posts are able to use using the Collab feature. Create stunning Instagram videos with only a few clicks with Clipchamp’s video editor online for free and then upload them directly onto the Instagram account you have created. Buy Instagram followers for your page and then create great momentum all over the world with high reach and impressions.

Take a look at Instagram’s Collab feature today!


It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising a YouTube collaboration video, or a new fashion collab, or shouting about the name of a brand you like using Instagram’s Collab feature will help you save time and make it extremely easy.

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