How effective is Zopiclone for treating anxiety

Zopiclone is an effective medication of the non–benzodiazepine family which is mainly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorder. People who struggle to get asleep at night due to stress, depression can rely on it to doze off and sleep well.

People who get nervous easily when confronted with challenging situations such as before an exam or an interview can rely on this medication to feel better.

Zopiclone is also beneficial for people who worry unnecessarily about impending events and take time to get asleep.

Zopiclone for Insomnia can prove effective for people who stay awake at night due to preexisting medical complications or due to their sedentary lifestyle. The efficacy of this medicine has also been experienced by people who remain deprived of a sound sleep due to jet lag or change of sleeping environment.

Zopiclone impacts the functioning of certain chemicals in the brain, calms down the central nervous system, reduces the magnitude of anxiety and promotes healthy relaxation among users. Studies have shown that people have slept peacefully for 7-8 hours at a stretch with its prescribed use.

 How to avail a safe treatment with Zopiclone 7.5 mg tablets?

Prior to the use of this medication, you must have a face to face meeting with a board certified health care advisor. To avail a safe and healthy treatment, just stay in touch with him and understand the dosage carefully.

First time users may have to start with a lower dose of Zopiclone 3.75 mg. The dosage can be readjusted to Zopiclone 7.5mg Tablets as per the response of the medicine on the user. Make sure that you take this medicine before bedtime with a glass of water.

Adherence to usage guidelines and safety precautions is vital prior to the use of this medicine.  You must read the medicine packet carefully prior to its use.  More information regarding drug interactions and warnings can be availed from the net.

Like other sleep medications, Zopiclone, too, has got addictive qualities and as a result, it must be taken moderately for a limited duration. There is a risk of the user getting dependent on it if they take it for a longer duration without seeking the approval of their health care advisor. Such people find it difficult to sleep without taking it and may experience restless and anxiety.

Extended use harms the user in two days: firstly, it reduces the effectiveness of the medicine and secondly. Such users are left with no other option but to take a higher dose of it to feel better and doze off.

Share your medical history with a doctor before taking Zopiclone

All people suffer from some sort of health issues. If You Take Zopiclone, then it is advisable to share all your health complications with a sleep expert. Even the list of used prescription medications and natural remedies must also be shared with him.

Zopiclone shows excellent results when supplemented with lifestyle changes and natural sleep aids


Simply the use of this sleeping tablet UK will not be sufficient in eliminating insomnia. You will have to implement changes in your daily routine so that you don’t have to suffer at night.

It is advisable to retire to bed at a fixed time daily and wake up early in the morning. You will have to follow this routine on all days of the week, including Sundays and holidays. This exercise will not only restore your natural sleep, but will also improve your circadian rhythm.

Use of electronic screens such as TV, laptop, tablets and mobile phones must be avoided before retiring to bed. The light emanating from blue screens disrupts the functioning of melatonin, and makes it difficult for people to get asleep.

Make sure that your bedroom has thick curtains to keep your room dark. Further, keep your bedroom noise free and make sure that the bed and pillows are comfortable. You can also try sleep inducing foods such as Valerian root and chamomile tea to get asleep. A shower, listening to light music or a warm glass of milk before bedtime will also induce slumber. Engagement in yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and cognitive behavior therapy will also promote drowsiness and induce slumber.

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