How History is Playing An Important Role to Understand Indian History?

How History is Playing An Important Role to Understand Indian History?

Why is history such an imperative subject that it is included in almost all school curriculum? But why does it not get the importance it deserves? Many students believe that History is just a subject related to remembering dates, timings, places, etc. but it is much more than that. Taking online tuition for History can help you get more insights about History as a subject rather than just being all about dates, names, etc.

Though history cannot compete with other subjects like science in the market that shapes and controls education today. But still, History holds a significant place in understanding the vast Indian History. By turning the past into a narrative, history helps create a public ethos and influences culture.

From architecture to film, and from ancient India to the present time, History explains the complex relationship between history and culture. Many schools organize gatherings where school teachers interact with the scholars of history and culture and share their experiences with them. It helps create a better and richer understanding of the constraints of a poorly functioning system of education and helps explore better and more sustainable solutions.

The importance of history

Schooling adds a dimension to a culture that sometimes becomes difficult to understand and thus taking academic help by enrolling for online Home tuition for History can prove beneficial. History plays an important role in shaping the larger political ethos of the country and since children are dependent on adults to learn about the past, it becomes important to make accurate information available. History no doubt is not an easy school subject but if taught in a more professional manner, it can create a better place to live in.

Knowing the Indian past is possible in case we have studied History as one of the main subjects in school. It plays an important role in understanding Indian History. Thus all school students planning to get a degree in History in the future must take online history tuition so that they can learn from the professionals.

Some reasons to study History

For those considering a degree in History but are still not convinced, must refer to some of the compelling reasons to study History from the beginning.

1. History helps develop a better understanding of the World 

By studying history, we can get to know about how past societies, systems, ideologies, governments, cultures and technologies came into existence, how they operated, and how they helped bring a revolution in the society. Knowing the rich and vast history of the world helps make a better and a detailed picture of where we stand today. 

By enhancing your knowledge of history by taking online history classes mean you are getting an in-depth knowledge of different aspects of life. Children can get a chance to learn about the Indian pillars upon which different civilizations were built, including cultures and people who helped bring a significant change in today’s world.

2. Become a More Rounded Person

With History as one of the main subjects, one can become an all-rounded who is better prepared to learn in all their academic subjects. In History, there are so many interesting stories, a few of them are inspiring and uplifting while others are messy. Studying History from Ziyyara’s online history tutor as a subject helps you know about the sufferings of people and their joy; the lessons you learn are based upon the real life experience of the people.

History encourages people to imagine things by stepping in someone else’s shoes. There are many lessons that will be discussed during classes provided by a private tutor for History. The lessons help us understand how our ancestors have interacted with other people and how they came into this world. Today people having an understanding of how past societies have integrated are highly demanded as they prove to be a useful asset for the society.

3. Understand Identity

All countries have different stories and legends and these stories help create our perception about the country and our standing within it. History helps know more about how great institutions are formed, and the significance in today’s society. Encouraging children to take History as one of the main subjects and letting them take classes from History tuition tutors means giving them a chance to identify their own country.

4. Stories from the past are a source of inspiration

The historical stories are also helpful in inspiring individuals to greatness. In History, brilliant people are always remembered and the world remembers their courageous efforts and how bravely they helped change the shape of nations. Students taking classes from online History tutor at home get a huge amount of motivation from learning about the inspirational events that happened in the past and make up where we are today.

Many times just one single act is powerful enough to light up children’s imagination and spur them on to do great things.

5. Helps improve Transferable Skills 

History is a respected academic option that challenges our intelligence. Students are supposed to analyse the available information clearly before coming to a conclusion. Critical thinking is imperative and is crucial to conclude. The ability to question and analyze the available information smartly is something History students are highly specialized in; History private tutors help children learn the required transferable skills.

Studying History in school and during Online Tuition for History provides you with a broad skill set that are helpful in having a successful career ahead. Analytical skills are important in almost all jobs and the ability to analyse and prioritise information helps make better and more informed decisions.

6. Studying History offers better ROI

If you have studied History from an esteemed university and all your concepts are clear, then it can be an impressive and attractive feature on your resume. No matter whichever profession you choose, History students can always explore unlimited job options in the future. So study harder from the starting only as the concepts explained during the online Home tuitoring for History help have a great career ahead.

Moreover, similar to many degrees, History can easily be combined with many other subjects. Some of the course combinations that you can study include History with Mathematics, Music and Chinese, etc.

7. Cultural awareness

By referring to the Indian history, people can get a better understanding of why certain people regarding how they acted in a particular way. For instance, by referring to the Indian history, we can know how Indians ruled, how and why the Caste system still continues in the subcontinent. Knowing all these facts help get a better understanding of the Indian culture.

How to Study History

History is not only about remembering facts or dates. It requires interpretation and analysis of information around different subjects which might not have any fixed answers. Still, if we follow different and effective methods introduced by a private tutor for History, studying history won’t bother us.

Try to connect all Events

History is shaped by a list of sequential events. When studying seismic shifts in a culture or country, you need to understand and learn things exactly in the manner they happened. It can help remember times, dates, places, easily. During Ziyyara’s online history classes focus is laid on establishing connections between different events through pictures. Our tutors encourage students to note down important events, facts and people that played a significant role in Indian history.

Then they create a mind map connecting different parts of the picture, using colours and symbols to establish. All this helps learn subjects like History with ease.

Highlight the main Information

Since there is so much to learn in History, thus it becomes easier to focus more on the most valuable information and keep on revising it before the exams. Ziyyara introduces many memory techniques that motivate students to learn and remember the specific information needed to get a good score in the exam.

To learn History in a long-lasting manner is to use Flashcards that are an ideal way to do this. You can note down a brief fact or statement on one side of a card and stick it at the place that can be accessed daily. This way you can remember the information for a much longer period of time.

Studying history not only helps know about the incidents that happened in the past but help children get a more rounded academic skill set with improved critical ability. To see how Ziyyara can deliver an outstanding history curriculum during online Home tuition for History, sign up now to book your free demo History session.

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