How Invisalign can solve the Problem of an Open Bite

Do you have crooked smile? If yes, then you may feel embarrassed to attend social gatherings. But having an open bite will change your negative emotions to another level. In case there is some gap between the top and bottom teeth, you

  • Will not be able to close your mouth properly
  • Find it difficult when enjoying your meals
  • Suffer from the problem of speech impediment

The ultimate result will be self-consciousness.

If you suffer from malocclusion, then you may think if metal braces are the only option for your misaligned teeth.

How Invisalign can correct the problem of open bite?

The positive news is that you do not need to settle for wearing metal braces even when there is an open bite. Go through this blogpost to know how clear braces can help in the teeth alignment and how they can offer relief to other patients who suffer from an open bite.

How Invisalign can solve the problem of open bite and other malocclusions

You need to know how clear braces work in the teeth straightening process. Just like metal braces, these aligners won’t need arch wires as they remain fixed to metal brackets for improving your smile. So, each clear aligner uses clear and plastic material to move teeth gradually into their desired place.

The material has been customised for your gorgeous smile. When you change to a new set of aligners during the treatment, your recent braces will be of somewhat different shape than the previous set that shifts teeth closer to their actual place. The latest design will enable braces to correct the problem of malocclusion including an open bite.

How Invisalign can help in treating the problem of an open bite

Though it is a big challenge to correct an open bite, Invisalign is not at all unfamiliar to the malocclusion. Make sure you find out if Invisalign can solve the problem of open bites and lessen the need for performing a surgery or wearing traditional braces. Read more to find out how Invisalign works.

  • Allows patient to correct the problem of dentoskeletal open bite and prevent pulling teeth or surgery.
  • Help teenagers to overcome Class II dentoskeletal open bite for enhancing their appearance.
  • Enable patients to eliminate the problem of acute open bite that they had developed as adult.

Benefits of Invisalign method for orthodontic patients

Invisalign will enable you to solve open-bites and restore your glowing smile. Whether you are suffering from serious open bite or simple teeth crowding, Invisalign has several benefits to offer during orthodontic procedure.

Apart from regaining your straighter smile and confident look, Invisalign will help to correct malocclusion without others knowing you are wearing the braces. Unlike the traditional braces, this clear and plastic material of Invisalign will help to keep orthodontic method to yourself.

Besides, Invisalign aligners can be removed easily and you do not need to brush around the arch wires as you remove aligners easily.

You do not have to settle with the embarrassment and inconvenience caused due to metal braces whether Invisalign can help in closing an open bite.

Thus, you need to take a step ahead towards improving your smile and see whether Invisalign can correct the malocclusion. Talk to your provider and get the best Invisalign in London for teeth straightening.

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